A quick trip into Calderdale

On Saturday I made a quick trip down into Calderdale hoping to find a few uniques in the game of Ingress. Unfortunately I have been round most of them in the last 3 years. I stopped off in People’s Park, Halifax for a walk around. The portals in there were mainly level 8 and so the intention was that they would provide kit to use back around Baildon and Saltaire. However the temptation was too much, driving back under green is not good, and so I got back home with less kit than I started with.

In People’s Park I spent a bit of time talking to people from a local photography group. Their task was to photograph a single flower, and to photograph the balustrades, one photo with just one balustrade in focus and another photo with three in focus. They had been learning about depth of field. I didn’t feel too out of place because I did have my camera over my shoulder. So I took some photos, but not of flowers.

Canada Goose

It looks as though this Canada Goose has just been on a migration. Migrating to Halifax, why not? Its wing feathers are in a bit of a state.

Squirrel silhouette

And in the park a squirrel kept raiding one of the bins and running back to the shelter of the bushes.

Ingress Uniques in Knaresborough

I need a T shirt saying that I am nor playing Pokemon Go.

This month I need to visit 300 portals that I have never visited before and today I decided to go to Knaresborough, a town I have never been to to play Ingress. As usual I took my camera and, as usual you can click on an image to see it at Flickr.

Mother Shipton’s Cave and the Dripping Well are main attractions in Knaresborough where objects hung in the dripping water soon become calcified.

Railway viaduct

However it has nice features such as the railway viaduct, above.


A market, you can see the Hog Roast stall on the left. Unfortunately they had sold out.


You can climb up the sides of the valley and look down on the river.

River and Viaduct

With some rather nice views.


In the castle grounds are three ravens.



They wear their jessies so that they don’t fly. One of them, apparently, likes to fly onto people’s heads or shoulders, which can be a bit unnerving. It then tries to steal phones or cameras.


Another view of the rail viaduct and river.

The amusing thing is the sign on the other side of the post
I found this rather amusing. It is just by the bowling green. It looks like members of the public can pay-to-play and get the equipment needed.

No Ball Games - on the bowling green

But the other side of the post is a sign saying “No Ball Games”. I wish they would make their minds up.

Peace at Last

I didn’t take photos of them all but various buildings have windows painted.


And the wall near the theatre has a theatrical mural.

John Metcalf

This character, the one on the left, is John Metcalf, aka Blund Jack of Knaresborough. He was a civil engineer, road builder, bridge builder, in spite of being blind.

The person next to him is from the Hog Roast stall. As you can see they had “Sold Out”. There he is eating a fish sandwich.

Hello neighbour

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

No 72 over No 72a

Here 72a is under No 72

Mother Shipton Inn

Mother Shipton Inn. A path leading to an entrance for Mother Shipton’s is just to the left of the Inn.

Weir at the mill

This is the mill at the weir but no longer with a water wheel.


Another view of the river and the town.


The river. You can hire rowing boats to splash about on the river.


Brian Robinson and Beryl Burton.

After my trip to Knaresborough I only need another 15 uniques.

A Quick Trip to Skipton

Here’s a few photos from today’s visit to Skipton to finish off the Skipton Banner Missions in Ingress.

A Black Headed Gull

There’s a few of these around waiting to steal chips from anyone not quick enough to get them to their mouths.

The canal

Black Gables

Sometimes the roof-line follows the ground sometimes the roof-line is horizontal and you get lots of gables.

St Stephen's Cl looking South

Elliot St looking East

Does this belong to someone that wants to see where they have been. Why not sit backwards?

There were a few Harley Davidsons around too. I will be in Birmingham on August Bank Holiday weekend so I won’t see the Harleys in Baildon for the Rally.

As usual you can click on any of the photos to see them larger on flickr

This is the link to the album on Flickr

Elliot St looking East

Kestrel Chicks Spring 2016

Yet again we have had Kestrels nesting at Salts Mill so I have spent a bit of time there with my camera on a tripod waiting for activity. Here are some of the photos I took between June 27 and July 5. The young ones are now flying about the roof tops. It sounds as though they are still wanting to be fed by their parents but they will soon be off catching their own food.

Just one?

When I first looked there was only one chick visible.

Just 2?

But then another showed itself.

o Yawn o

And then another.

There's 4!

But when Dad came flying in 4 hungry beaks presented themselves.

Dad incoming with lunch

This is Dad flying in with what is probably a Vole. You can see the back legs and tail.


And this is Mum flying in. There is only one chick in the nest now. The other three have moved out.


One, the biggest, was up on the roof and flew back into the nest to pinch food from the smaller last one.


The other two were down on a ledge at ground level looking a lot less confident.

As usual you can click on any of the images to view them larger, with many others, on Flickr.

A couple of hours at Rodley Nature Reserve

I had a quick trip to Rodley Nature Reserve today and a few birds were kind enough to show themselves.


Robins are noisy little things and often keep still even though quite close.


I saw only 2 Oystercatchers. I often see Oystercatchers at Saltaire too. There seems to have been a pair nesting at the Tax Office for a number of years and you can often hear their “Peep, Peep” as they fly along the river.


Plenty of Bluetits were around.



The visitor centre has several feeding stations around it and unfortunately the Godfinches would not show themselves except on the feeder.


However the star of the visit was this Chiffchaff. There were several about but as is often the case they were always behind a line or 2 of trees. Except this one as I was about to head home.


Some of the other sightings were Tufted Duck, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, Grey Heron, Kestrel, Longtail Tit, Great Tit, Cormorant, Canada Goose, Greylag Goose, Mute Swan, Willow Warbler, Wren, Magpie, Dunnock, House Sparrow, Mallard, Teal, Swallow….

There were several other species but the quick glimpse was not good enough for me, nor am I good at recognising them by song.

And as an added bonus there are several Ingress portals there.