Ingress with a camera and wildlife

On Saturday I went on a small Ingress expedition and took my camera and then on Sunday I had a purely wildlife walk with camera. So here are a few photos from this weekend. Some of them should have the #visitbradford tag.

As usual you can click on any of the images to see them larger on Flickr.

The Sculpture Trail of Ferniehurst Dell, Baildon is a mission within Ingress so I went to capture and field the portals, something I have done on many occasions but it is always good to walk through the Dell. Sorry, but that portal link will only work for Ingress agents.

While walking through the Dell and capturing the portals I heard and saw many Blackbird, Robin, Wren, Jay, Blue tit, Great tit, Woodpigeon, Goldfinch, Squirrel and at least one Great Spotted Woodpecker.


But at the top of the Dell is a bowling green and football pitch with Hawthorn hedges and a stone wall covered in Ivy running along a couple of the sides. In between them is a dusty gravel track. I interrupted my Ingress and spent some time watching the House Sparrows there. According to the RSPB the Sparrow population of the UK has declined significantly over the last 40 years. It is a bit difficult for me to confirm because I was brought up in Lincolnshire where over our back wall were wheat fields and a disused airfield with hangers full of seed. There was a lot of seed spillage and plenty of Sparrows to feed on it. I then moved to a very different environment around Bradford so you would expect to see fewer Sparrows. Farming practice and seed storage has changed a lot over the years so it seems reasonable to expect this to hit the Sparrow population. There are places you can see and hear them and some that I know of are the hedges along Glenaire Primary School, the hedges along Cliffe Avenue playground, the hedges by Ferniehurst Bowling Green, and in May/June along the Leeds Liverpook canal towards Hirst Lock.


Above is the dusty gravel track between the bowling green and the football pitch with 10 or so Sparrows having a dust bath.


This male Sparrow is trying to get covered in dust. Apparently Sparrows are one of the of the more frequent dusters.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

This Tortoiseshell Butterfly was near the fruit trees next to the Trim Trail of the Dell. I also saw a Hollt Blue but it was too quick to get a photo of it.

I then moved on to Golden Acre Park in Leeds and did some more Ingressing. This is a link to one of the portals there.

Peacock butterfly

This Peacock Butterfly was on the edge of one of the paths in the park. One thing that was very noticeable about the bare paths through parts of the park was the number of little holes in the ground along the edges of the path. Most of the holes had a dusting of grit/sand around the entrance where it had been dug out by the mining bees. I saw several grey and black bees near the holes that I am pretty sure were Ashy mining bees. These are solitary bees that dig small holes with several brood cells for their eggs and young.

Pair of Tufted Ducks

Quite a few ducks, geese and Swans were on the lake at Golden Acre Park including this pair of Tufted Ducks.

Mistle Thrush

On the way back to the car this Mistle Thrush hopped up onto the fence but soon noisyly flew off again.

That is Saturday done. Sunday was a walk along the River Aire at Denso Marston Nature Reserve. It is a great place to visit and enjoy the river.

Orange Tip Butterfly

There were quite a few Orange Tip Butterfly flying up and down the banks of the river. I also spotted a Brimstone butterfly but couldn’t get a photo.


Robins were quite obliging though.

View of the river Aire looking to Shipley

This shot of the river, looking towards Shipley, was taken from the footbridge over the river just across Otley Road from Midland Road.

Orange Tip Butterfly

Another of the many Orange Tip Butterflies. This time with orange tips.

Comma Butterfly

This Comma Butterfly was also flying along the river bank. I also spent some time by the ponds.

Water Snail

This water snail was slowly working its way across on of the large stone just below the surface.


There was a family of ducks on the pond, mum and 5 ducklings paddling around.


A Wren was keeping itself tucked away in the reeds on the edge of the pond.


On a couple of occasions while I was there the whole brood came out of the pond to spend a couple of minutes under the feeders and then back they would waddle.


Just behind the pond, next to the fence were a couple of Goldfinch. I do think that is a rather stern expression. There seemed to be several small flocks flitting between some of the trees but these were feeding on something on the ground.

Pond Skater

Water Skaters were zooming about the pond surface coming close enough for me to get some photos.

Male Goosander

Towards the end of my visit these 2 male Goosander paddled up river. I was on my way out but I wandered back again because of the varied bird song I could hear, and I am pleased I did because…..

Large Red Damselfly

I think I was pretty lucky to spot this Large Red Damselfly at the reserve. I was near the stone seat at the time listening to Blackcap, Blackbird, Blue tit and Bullfinch singing. I let the Steve, the warden of the reserve, know that I had seen it because I know he has a bit of rivalry with Rodley Nature Reserve to see which has the first appearance. Steve let me know that the first time he saw one on the reserve this year was on Friday.


There were quite a few Jay flying around making a lot of noise. This one perched in a tree long enough for me to take a photo.


A Moorhen by the river looking very brown.

Dogbane Leaf Beetle

One of the last things I saw on the way back to my car was this small iridescent green beetle. I am no expert but I reckon it is a Dogbane Leaf Beetle.

April in Robert’s Park

We haven’t had to wait months for these photos to appear. They are from today. As often happens I had a walk round Robert’s Park today and along part of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Jay with nesting material

This is one of a pair of Jays seen in Hirst Lock Nature Reserve at lunchtime. They were both collecting nesting material .

These following photos were taken on my way through the park after work.

Greylag Goslings

Here’s nine little Greylag goslings on the canal at the end of Vistoria Road.

Robin with food

This Robin has a few scratty looking insects in its beak obviously taking them off to a young one somewhere. I think the nest was in the low bushes between two of the paths.

Flower head, Robert's Park

Bellis perrenis

Flower head, Robert's Park

Bellis perrenis

Blossom, Robert's Park

The flowers and blossom in Robert’s Park are quite spectacular at the moment.

An Ingress Trip to Hull

This posting is out of sequence because my trip to Hull was in February 2017 but who’s counting?


A trip to Hull has to include a view of The Deep. I have yet to go in but I have heard good reports about it. If I ever give up Ingress I may actually get time to go into these places. 🙂 (portal link)


This Neil Hadlock statue on Hull Marina is, as the words say, to acknowledge the fact that millions of people passed through Hull from Europe on their way to America between 1836 and 1914. What can’t be seen in this shot is their older son, behind them, prodding a crab with a stick. (portal link)


I can’t say much about this sculpture at Hull Marina other than it seems to signify something about the struggle of fishing. (portal link)


This is a simple shot of Hull Marina


The European Union. With some words by Winston Churchill:-
If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, to the prosperity and the glory which its people would enjoy. Perhaps it lost its way a little with unity being the objective, conveniently forgetting about why unity might be a good thing.


This is the Spurn Lightship that for 48 years was used to guide ships around Spurn Point. I wonder if this was one of the lights I used to see from Grimsby and Cleethorpes when I was a kid? It is another of those things that I might go into if I had the time.




These three photos are of a wind turbine blade in Queen Victoria Square. It is one of the first made in a new Siemens factory near Hull. It is big! I am sure it dwarfs the ones on the wind turbines on land. 75 metres long!


The tilting Drypool Bridge over the River Hull. It has a counterweight to balance the span but I don’t know what drives it. Clever engineering.


The River Hull. The building looks as though it might be having its foundations eroded so perhaps in another hundred years or so it will fall into the river.


This is the rear of the Streetlife Museum viewed from the River Hull. (portal link)


This is a photo of a Redshank wader on the mud of the River Hull. There’s a couple of other shots on Flickr if you want to view them.


Flood defences for the River Hull. protecting it from the tidal River Humber.


Amazing curved windows of the Lowgate Post Office in Hull.


A sculpture of Philip Larkin in Hull station. He died in Hull in 1985. (portal link)


The Albemarle Music Centre on Ferensway, Hull. Is this something else that I should go inside of to see? I wonder how the blue structure features in the interior.

More trips. Nottingham, Marsden and Salford

I have been wondering whether I should be putting these on Google+ which is more related to Ingress, but though Ingress is the reason for the trip it is not the subject of the photos. So I’ll keep them on my WordPress site. These trips were in November 2016.

  • Nottingham on 12 November
  • Marsden on 19 November
  • Salford Quays on 20 November


Robin Hood

Nottingham wouldn’t be Nottingham without Robin Hood even if he was from Yorkshire 🙂 (portal link)

Sky Mirror outside Nottingham Playhouse

This is the Sky Mirror outside Nottingham Playhouse. It might not look much in this photo but it is quite a size. It is in the region of 6m in diameter and weighs in at close on 10 tonnes. This wet afternoon didn’t do it justice. It’s impressive and of course is an Ingress portal.

3 wheeler on the wall of restaurant 4550 Miles from Delhi

On my wanders round the portals of Nottingham doing the Nottingham Lion Ingress banner missions I came across this unusual bit of advertising. It’s a 3 wheel Indian auto rickshaw, back and front, on the wall of restaurant 4550 Miles from Delhi on Mount St. (portal link)

Stern Statue

These 4 figures are the Shoppers by Richard Perry and are at the north west end of Chapel Bar. They date back to 1986. (portal link)

Brian Clough, Nottingham

This one is of a celebrating Brian Clough on King Street. Brian Clough was a manager of Nottingham Forest football club for many years. (portal link)

Nottingham Lion

This is the Nottingham Lion that provides the image used in the Nottingham Lion banner missions. (portal link)

Salutation Inn, Nottingham

On Hounds Gate is the Salutation Inn, Nottingham which has been there a fair while. It was known to be a pub back in  1725. (portal link)

River Trent, Nottingham

This photo of the River Trent was taken from outside the Magistrates Court (portal link) looking East towards The Canalhouse Bar


This looks like a doll’s house, except it is full size. This is Willoughby House on Low Pavement. At the moment it is one of Paul Smith’s clothes shop. It is just across the road from Prezzo Window Ornaments portal.


Ok. I admit to having liked this view. Nice buildings, lit well. A slightly wet, reflective cobbled street. This is Broadway which has a plaque. (portal llink)


Bradford has one of these as a portal where it is called a sculpture (!!??) but without the stainless steel post sprouting out the side of it. I have now done a bit more digging on t’internet and found that a company called Furnitubes makes Bell Bollards and if driven at correctly they push the vehicle to the side. I have seen a photo of a vehicle pivoting on one with the wheels off the ground.


Another building that impressed me but I can’t remember where it is. Feel free to let me know if you recognise it.

PRYZM (was Oceana) Nottingham

PRYZM night club venue on Lower Parliament St. Nottingham (portal link)


Grey Heron on River Colne, Marsden

Grey Heron on River Colne, Marsden, just by Peel Street and Station Road.

River Colne, Marsden

This bridge is over the River Colne on Church Lane, Marsden.

River Colne, Marsden

This waterfall is on the River Colne in Marsden where the river goes bbetween The Green and Clough Lea.

Lamp post near River Colne, Marsden

Cast iron lamp post base on Clough Lea, Marsden. I am a little surprised that I can’t find anything on the internet about Adams of York. Whereas for a brick you can type in the name from a brick and find all sorts of “useful” information.


This was taken from the A62 Manchester Road near the cross Roads with Town Gate and Old Mount Road. This is looking towards Fall Lane (the red bridge) and Weir Side. The reddish/orange tower near the centre is Marsden Mechanics Hall, a Community Hall.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Marsden

If you have seen some of my other posts you will have read my comment about how narrow the Peak Forest Canal is in parts. This shot shows the Huddersfield Narrow Canal – it’s narrow. Other places you can see this canal are Slaithwaite, pronounced Slawit, and Uppermill – two names that might be familiar to Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester Ingress players. This photo was taken of the locks just by Marsden Station off to the left of the frame and The Railway pub just off to the right.


The white building in this shot is The Railway taken from the cobbled road, just off Station Road, that leads to the National Trust – Marsden Moor Estate Office.

Salford Quays

Millenium Bridge, Salford Quays

Millenium footbridge

Millenium Bridge, Salford Quays

Millenium footbridge

Lowry, Salford Quays

The Lowry, Salford Quays

Salford Quays

The BBC & Media City at Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Imperial War Museum North, Salford Quays

The Imperial War Museum

Blue Peter

Blue Peter at the BBC

Coronation St, Salford Quays

Coronation Street

Upsy Daisy Statue, Salford Quays

Upsy Daisy statue from In The Night Garden.

Media City, Salford Quays

Media City sound stages.

BBC, Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Two more Ingress trips in December 2016

A trip to Norwich

You might think that Norwich is a long way to go for Ingress but I did have another reason for going. The two reason together made it seem a sensible thing to do. Honest.


A view of Norwich Castle with a poster advertising “Fishermen to Kings” – an exhibition of Olive Edis photographs in the Castle Museum and Art Gallery. There is a BBC 1 program that may still be available to watch if you are quick.


Just in front of the Castle are the Castle Mall shops and this is the roof in the Castle Mall Gardens.


I forgive them for not doing it in this photo because it was late on a cold December afternoon but I am sure the door is usually a little wider open and the light on the pavement inviting people in off Elm Hill into The Bear Shop.


This detail of the window shows some of the choice.


Just round the corner from The Bear Shop is Britons Arms a coffee shop and restaurant that looks as though it could be a nice place for lunch or afternoon tea.


And around the corner from Britons Arms is this view of Friars Quay looking towards The Mischief, The Ribs of Beef and Fye Bridge St.


This is a view of St Andrew’s Church taken from the bottom of Prince’s St


And just across from there are The Halls, Norwich. I’m sure most of these buildings look equally, if not more, inviting during proper daylight.

A trip to York

I have been to York quite a few times and many of them for Ingress and several of those trips were to meet up with others playing the game. In fact one of them was just after I had got to level 8, so that was back in early 2014 – 23 February to be exact. This latest trip in December 2016 was a solo trip and I only have a couple of photos to show for it. As I expected I was followed by, and followed, the Enlightened. They like to tidy up as quickly as possible.


I could have done with a bit more practice with this shot. It would also have been better if I had a tripod and didn’t feel conspicuous taking photos in the street. This is outside what was BHS on Coney St. next to the Yorkshire Bank. I have a couple of ideas where I want to take photos similar to this one but I don’t like photographing people 🙁


This photo is the clock on St Martin le Grand parish church on Coney St, York. The figure on the top is known as “Little Admiral” taking a sighting on the sun with his sextant. He survived the fire after the bombing in 1942. The gilded head of Father Time on the side is a replacement for the one that got damaged. The clock is of course a portal in Ingress.