Birds in Harold Park, Bradford

Though a lot of my time is spent playing Ingress I still often take my camera with me and I was pleased I had done when I went to Harold Park in Bradford.

This particular visit to the “portals” of Harold Park was on 9 May 2015. Yep! It has taken me quite a while to get around to posting them.

There were lots of Swallows flying over the surface of the water so I sat on the edge and watched them for a while and did my best to get some photos of them. It was not easy.

Swallows in Harold Park, Bradford

The sky was grey and overcast (it is raining in the last shot) so the birds were black against the water. This is 4 flying over the water. There were occasions of more flying along and it was good to watch.

Swallows in Harold Park, Bradford

There were ducks, swans and geese on the water and these two swans are rather out of focus as I tried to follow the Swallow flying past them.

Swallows in Harold Park, Bradford  Watching them swoop and swirl was great.   Swallows in Harold Park, Bradford

This is three shots put together of a Swallow flying along and picking an insect off the water. The agility of the birds is quite amazing.

Swallows in Harold Park, BradfordThis Coot went off to the edge of the water and pulled at some plants and then paddled back to the little island in the middle of the water and gave it to the one sitting on the nest. Cute Coots. Coots nest tending in Harold Park, Bradford

Robert’s Park and Leeds/Liverpool Canal

Apologies for it being so long again since I posted anything. Here are some photos from early June. As usual you can click on the image to view it full size on flickr.

Most mornings on the way to work I walk through Robert’s Park instead of walking round the edges of it.

The light in the mornings can shine off the cricket pavilion quite brightly. This was taken on the morning of 8 June 2015.

PM7_2732I often have a walk through the park at lunch time too. There are several things from the Spring/Summer that I have seen and heard in Robert’s Park. For example a squirrel’s drey, no photo, and lots of Nuthatch. They have been very noisy. But this is one of the birds that is easy to spot. A Robin posed nicely on a tree stump on the morning of 10 June 2015. PM7_2743

The morning sun was also catching this Grey Heron on the weir at Saltaire.


The weir was particularly frothy on this morning.


At lunchtime on 10 June I walked down the Leeds Liverpool canal hoping to improve on my Sparrow/Mayfly photo (next year perhaps) and met this character stalking along the canal side.


I wouldn’t like to be stabbed by that beak, it looks quite sharp and mean. But how do they get the fish down that throat? It only looks big enough for tiddlers.


And for those wanting to know what Sparrow/Mayfly photo I want to improve on – it’s this one. It might take me a while to get a better one than this but I will keep trying.

May Fly Sparrow, Leeds Liverpool Canal

Some Saturday Photos

Wow! Is it really so long ago that I posted anything on here. Obviously things have been interfering with normal life. :)

As usual you can click on the image to see larger versions on Flickr.

Even though an Ingress Shard was around I decided to get on with long overdue gardening on Saturday. We can’t have a game interfering with real life (which is the opposite of what I say when out playing the game).

Of course gardening is warm work so I had to stop a couple of times for a beer and also set my camera up on its tripod pointing at the two storey bird house we have. The chicks had been making a lot of noise but by staying quiet I was able to get some shots.

Here’s one of the parents poking its head out before quickly launching itself into the air.
Great Tit Parent

I don’t know which is which but the parents were very busy bringing food. Mmm! Tasty!

Great Tit Parent

Note that one of them has a tail (see above) but the other not (see below)

Great Tit Parent

By the time the gardening was done the Ingress Shard was safely contained so I headed out towards Keighley to remove some green fields in the game. There were a few small places I hadn’t been before. Crossflats Cricket Club being one of them. At the back of the cricket club are the offices for UKAR (Bradford and Bingley as was) A stream goes through the grounds and there are a couple of bridges that go over it. From there I spotted these Grey Wagtails.

Grey Wagtail


Grey Wagtail

I didn’t think it a good idea to drive back through the car park while they were playing so I waited until the end of the over and took a couple of shots of the game.

Crossflats Cricket Club

Crossflats Cricket Club

Now I need to get back to the photos I have taken over the last few months to see if there is anything worth posting.

On Thursday I became a millionaire

Unfortunately this was not £s. It was MUs in the Ingress game I am playing. I have now built a field with a coverage of 1,150,545 mind units. This, in a single field, brought my total up to 2,801,423.

A few days ago I was invited by John Duffey to join a team that was planning to build a large Ingress field, large by my standards anyway, in fact very large by my standards. Thursday night was chosen as the time to try and create the links and fields. Before the links could be thrown there was some tidying up that needed doing. On the night the main problems left in “my area” were links from Scotch Corner and Barnard Castle heading south to around Harrogate. However Jonathan was on the team. He is based in Harrogate and was happy to take the links out on his way to Hawes.

Hopefully others will be writing a bit about their adventures at their end; this is my story from the Hawes end.

Knowing that Jonathan was going up the A1 I decided to stay to the West. After dinner I set off towards Skipton keeping half an eye on the hangout messages in case I needed to make a detour to clear away new links. Nothing was reported. Heading north from Skipton I kept losing signal but still nothing was reported.

Road and bridge works in Buckden forced a diversion down a narrow road east of the village but did not add too much to the journey time. At one point I did wonder what kind of road was ahead of me when the sat nav was saying 22 miles left with a journey time of 50 minutes.

The river Wharfe is a bit smaller here than it is around Otley.

Wharfe Valley

Macros sent a message saying he was in the curry house next to The Crown pub in Hawes. I drove past the B&B where his bike was parked and pulled up quite close to The Crown. We had a bit of a natter while he ate his curry. We had only just got outside when Jonathan walked up and asked me if I knew where The Crown was. He looked a bit surprised when I told him the people he wanted to meet had left the curry house. I guess it is a bit difficult to recognise me from my image in Google+.

We then went to Jonathan’s car that was near the Post Office and tried to drop and pick up the required keys. This was not easy because of the poor signal.

Then the worst was reported on the hangout. A link had appeared joining Darlington and Oxenholme. A look at the map showed that Oxenholme was closer to Hawes than Darlington so Macros went back to his hotel to put his riding gear on. In the meantime a frantic effort was going on to find someone closer and Mark Bayles saved the day. Fortunately we were also able to get to Macros’s hotel before he had set off.

We went back to near Jonathan’s and with the Post Office and Spring Gathering portals populated we waited for the intel guys to tell us to throw the links. Gradually the links were thrown. We had a little wait while one of the remote portals was fully populated and a bit of a worry when we switched to create links from the Post Office, neither Macros nor Jonathan could throw links to Farne or Flamborough. I then spotted that in the excitement of getting ready to get off to Oxenholme Macros had not deployed on the portal. It was fully populated by Jonathan and myself but needed an 8 and a 7 from Macros to give us the range.

Macros was quite excited, as well he might be, he had put in a fantastic amount of work and covered many miles as well as doing a lot of the organising.

We did a bit of manly back-slapping until Macros mentioned that the bright speckles on his jacket that were showing up in the photo were fly carcases. You can see them on the sleeve of his jacket.


And this is what it was all about –


Five fields covering Hawes to Flamborough to Farne, but it is also great to meet up with other agents and share in the excitement.

So this is an snip of my fielding statistics. I can now join the million club.


I am sure I will miss someone out but others involved that I have not already mentioned were Ian, Aaron, Simon, Michael, Mark, Neil and Peter.

And here’s a couple of photos that Macros took.

Stupid grins around midnight Getting ready to create a fieldm

Bradford City Buildings

I spent a bit of time in Bradford yesterday playing Ingress but of course had my camera with me. I went down to City Park when it was getting a bit quieter and took this slightly different view of the pool.

City Park

It is nice to see that the Westfield site is now being worked on. It is supposed to be finished by December 2015 I believe.

Westfield development

It will be an interesting contrast when it is finished. Bradford has some lovely buildings that survived the “regeneration” of the 50’s and 60’s. I am not sure I like this one but it has “character”.

Old and New

Very close to the centre of the city there are some ruins though. This is behind the Odeon which itself is close to becoming a ruin.

City Centre Ruins

The neglect in some of the buildings shows in the size of some of the trees growing out of them.

City Forest

Though there are decent runs of long buildings, with styles varying there are still single buildings left that have had their neighbours demolished.


The Westfield development has the potential, if people use it, to help nearby businesses boom. I don’t know what the plans are for The Ring O Bells but it could be a gold mine.

The Ring O Bells