April 19th Bird Walk with Bradford Ornithological Group

The Friends of Baildon Moor have arranged for a joint guided walk with Bradford Ornithological Group.

We will meet at Pennithorn Hill car park at 8.00 am on 19th April. The walk will finish by noon.

The route takes us around the fringes of Baildon Moor at the time of the year when birds are extremely active ie singing, displaying & nest building whilst other species should be passing through on migration.

Birds likely to be seen – Willow Warbler, Reed Bunting, Wheatear, Kestrel, Snipe, Meadow Pipit & Golden Plover, to name just a few.

At this time of the year anything could turn up.

Please bring walking boots or wellingtons and suitably warm clothing.

A few members of the Bradford Ornithological Group will be there along with a few spare binoculars for those who need them.

Some recent sightings during Ingress work

I have been playing Ingress since Dec 12 2013 and this has got me out and about quite a bit. On several occasions I have tried to combine it with photography and on this occasion I was pleased I had my camera with me. As usual you can click on the image to see a larger version.

I stopped off at the bench/viewing area near the junction of Hillings Lane and Odda Lane near Hawksworth to submit a new portal; though I would not be surprised if it was submitted by others weeks ago and Niantic have yet to approve it.

Flying overhead was this Redkite. It was gliding around and several times effortlessly disappeared into the distance.


On the same Ingress trip I also went up to the Stone Cross on Ilkley Moor where Grouse were keeping watch.

Red Grouse

Near the Stone Cross the estate people were burning the Heather for the new season.

Burning the Heather for a new season, Ilkley Moor

From the Stone Cross the radar domes of Menwith Hill seemed to be bathed in sunlight.

Ilkley Moor Stone Cross with Menwith Hill in the distance

This is the leading edge of a flock of Golden Plover, one of our seasonal visitors to the moors. I have not counted them yet but I would say that there were in the region of 350 in the flock.

Golden Plover, Ilkley Moor

On the way back from the Stone Cross, still on the same road there were a few Curlew and Lapwing in some of the fields. This is nothing compared to the numbers I saw on an Ingress trip to Beamsley Beacon but I have yet to upload those photos.

Curlew and Lapwing, Ilkely Moor

Screen protector tip

Just before Christmas I bought a Google Nexus 5 phone that I am very pleased with. It is in a completely different league to the phones I have had free on my contract in the past. It is even easier to use as a phone.

The heaviest use it gets though is in playing Ingress, a game where you have to get out and about, exploring “portals” of historic or civic value. Fortunately the battery only lasts about 2 1/2 hours when playing the game otherwise I would be out all day playing it.

The case I got for Christmas came with a screen protector but when I fitted it I didn’t know the trick I learnt just yesterday. A couple of little bubbles under the protector were annoying me so I decided to look for another one. Online the protectors often come in packs of 3 and it possibly takes all 3 to get it right unless you do what they did on the market stall where I bought the new one. The pack only contained 1 and they said that it was no problem if you knew what you were doing. They insisted I would be happy with it and then suggested that they would fit it and I would not have to pay unless I was satisfied.

One of the staff then spend about 15 minutes on the task. The 1st two important things, obviously, are to clean the screen and position the protector properly. As expected there were still a few little bubbles caused by dust but then he used masking tape to help lift up the edge of the protector and used the piece of masking tape to remove the dust from the screen and or protector. I assume that the masking tape is stickier than the protector and so lifts off the dust. After going round it a few times the protector was on with no blemishes. I paid up and thought it was money well spent if only to have learnt the trick so that I will no longer have annoying little discs of grey on my phone screens.

The next thing I have to do is to decide whether to buy a battery backup or not, and how big. Do I want to be out all day wondering around Leeds , Bradford, Ilkley etc. Playing Ingress, looking for churches, memorials, stations, statues etc.?

Morning Sun on Walker Wood

The only reason I am driving along Cliffe Avenue or Thompson Lane at 8:00 in the morning is because I am going to work but I often think I should be out with my camera at that time or even earlier. The trouble is that at the weekend I would much rather have a lazy start to the day with breakfast and a coffee before venturing out but you have to admit that the light can be good at that time during Autumn.

Morning Sun on Walker Wood, Baildon

Trinity, Leeds

A few weeks back Lucy and I went to Leeds and she took me round the new Trinity shopping area. It looked different enough for me to want to go back with my camera so that is what I did on Sunday 17 Nov.

Snack vans and trailers don’t have to be outside clubs, offices or sports grounds – they can also be in shopping centres. The Kitchen in Trinity has quite a collection of eating places and some of them are on wheels. You might have fond memories of buying something to eat from one after a great football game – so here they are in The Kitchen. Yummy.

Mmm. Tasty

Trinity Kitchen

Bare walls are not painted in corporate colours but are decorated with Urban Street Art. This is by Ennui. He is on Facebook.

Street Art inside Trinity

Street Art inside Trinity

I am not sure what this is (other than an owl sculpture) is it covering a vent? Is it “just” a sculpture? I think it should be the CCTV. Those large eyes moving around and watching.

CCTV or a vent?

The place is not boring straight lines and concrete. It has a little more interest than that.

More curves

A big shiny and reflective T for Trinity keeps catching peoples eyes. I was a little surprised to see this man’s reflection.

What do you expect to see in the mirror

This art installation often had a semi-circle of people round it.

Some kids were scared when he moved

even if the underlying bronze was starting to show through

Some of the bronze underneath is showing through

When children went up to drop money in the case it moved/waved to thank them and on several occasions this made the kids jump. At other times it was completely ignored.

A steady hand in the rush

I wonder if this is the horse he came in on?

Pack horse

The spaces are quite open and light so the experience can be quite pleasant. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the centre.


And the Church of the Holy Trinity is visible through the roof.

Holy Trinty Church

Each eating place in the Kitchen has to make it own mark in the utilitarian area.

The Kitchen

I must admit I like some of the architectural features.


The Santa at the bottom of this picture made a rather poor show of blowing foam/snow out of his head but the snowflakes hanging above him made up for it.


As it started to get darker outside the reflections in the roof became more interesting.

Roof tiling

Lots of people had their phones out taking photos, lots of people were typing messages on them and some people were even using them as phones.


If I am in Leeds again later in the year I might call in Trinity to look at the roof when it is dark outside.

The next, next, next, next, next, next, across the roof was a bit of extra advertising real-estate.

Whatever next, next, next, next.