An Adventure to Blackburn

These are some photos from yesterday’s Ingress ViaLux Adventure to Blackburn.

I took the scenic route again. I.e not the motorway, so I could stop off at portals on the way. The blurb with them is a bit thin but I like the photos. As usual you can view them on Flickr.


One stop off was on Two Laws Road on the way to Laneshaw Bridge. This 180 deg panorama was taken a little way before The Atom – Panopticon. Just after passing Watersheddles Reservoir.

Panopticon Atom

This is The Atom – Panopticon itself. Just off the road above Pendle’s Panopticon Atom above the Wycoller Country Park.

View from the Panopticon

View from the Panopticon

Pendle Water, Barrowford

Pendle Water, Barrowford

Barrowford Park

Barrowford Park, that had several Ingress Portals

The Woven Globe Sculpture

The Woven Globe Sculpture, Blackburn

Transitions, Blackburn

Transitions, a set of sculptures on Church St, Blackburn

Transitions, Blackburn

Transitions, a set of sculptures on Church St, Blackburn

Grandmother and Child, Blackburn

Grandmother and Child, Blackburn, Near the railway station

Queen Victoria, Blackburn

Queen Victoria, Blackburn. Near the catherdral

Healing of the Nations

A steel and copper circular structure attached to the fa├žade of Blackburn Cathedral

Cathedral entrance, Blackburn

Cathedral entrance, Blackburn

King Georges Hall, Blackburn

Outside King Georges Hall, Blackburn. King Georges Hall, Blackburn

The Braid, Blackburn

The Braid, Blackburn

Richmond Terrace, Blackburn

Richmond Terrace, Blackburn. It was the line of posts that I was trying to capture.

Blackburn shopping centre

Blackburn shopping centre

Gladstone, Blackburn

Gladstone, Blackburn. Shading his eyes from the bright evening sun.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot it? The next photo shows it a bit closer.

A trapped pigeon

A pigeon inside the stairway

The Mall, Blackburn

Above The Mall, Blackburn

James Street, Blackburn

James Street, Blackburn. Just a street sign.

Memorial Stone behind St John's Church, Blackburn

Memorial Stone behind St John’s Church, Blackburn

Blackburn Bus Station

Blackburn Bus Station. I thought the reflections and length of it warranted a photo.

A mosaic tucked out of the way on Railway Road. Blackburn

A mosaic tucked out of the way on Railway Road. Blackburn

The Youth Zone, Jubilee St, Blackburn

The Youth Zone, Jubilee St, Blackburn

Quite a sky, Blackburn.

Quite a sky, Blackburn. Taken from Mill Lane.

Street Art, Mill Lane

Street Art, Mill Lane

They have these bell like things in Blackburn too.

They have these bell like things in Blackburn too. There are several in Bradford. I have often wondered what would happen if you hit one in a car.

A devil of a road

A devil of a road. I might not go that way to Darwen

Another way to see the images is by looking at the Album on Flickr here

A trip to Settle

Today’s trip was to Settle with a detour via Fewston Chapel, Blubberhouses. (Not that I take a trip somewhere everyday.)

From Fewston Chapel I created a few Ingress fields down to Baildon and across to The Bar House at the top of Old Pool Bank, between Otley and Pool in Wharfedale. The put my Mind Unit score over 17,000,000; it had taken several weeks to get the last few thousand to get me over that number. I have obviously been concentrating on other aspects of the game.

I then headed off to Settle, there were a few long green links coming out of there that I didn’t like the look of. I was also thinking I might go past Settle looking for uniques but that didn’t happen.

I took the slightly scenic route to Settle with the road being single track for several miles.


This is a panorama of 5 images stitched together on High Hill Lane just before dropping down into Settle. Well, it is supposed to be. The thumbnail is the right size but it is not displaying correctly. Please click in the image to see it on Flickr.


Perhaps that displays better without the Flickr script.

Junction Lodge, Victoria St., Settle

This narrow building is Junction Lodge on Victoria St just as you get into Settle.

Museum of North Craven Life, Settle

And this rather impressive 17th century building, called The Folly, is The Museum of North Craven Life, Settle. It is closed on Monday.

On the way back home I was able to clear some more green links out of the way and as a result create a field Settle – Fewston Chapel – Baildon covering Baildon, Ilkley, Addingham etc.

Rothwell Country Park to Kippax

Today’s trip out to get some Ingress unique portal visits was to Rothwell Country Park and beyond. I have been into Rothwell on a few occasions and driven past Kippax on Selby Road but today I went into Rothwell Country Park, through Woodlesford, Oulton, Swillington, Great Preston and onto Kippax.

I took my camera with me into Rothwell Country Park but was a bit disappointed in the lack of wild Life. I still took a a few photos though. I was also disappointed in the way the place now seems neglected. At one time there was a sculpture trail and various installations but a lot is now overgrown. If someone know otherwise and can point me in the right direction I could give it another go.

Stone Egg Mould

This is a massive chocolate coloured egg next to its opened stone mould. Or is it a fossilised dinosaur’s egg broken out of the rock?


I kept quiet by these bullruses for a few minutes hoping to see a few birds but the only ones of note were a couple of Red Kite circling in the distant sky.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

This Speckled Wood butterfly was sunning itself near the teazles. It’s not the best of shots; using a 150-500 mm zoom lens is not the best of ways to photograph butterflies.


I must admit that there seemed to be quite a wide variety of plants growing, but I know even less about plants than I do birds. I guess that could be one of the advantages of it not being over managed.

A quick trip into Calderdale

On Saturday I made a quick trip down into Calderdale hoping to find a few uniques in the game of Ingress. Unfortunately I have been round most of them in the last 3 years. I stopped off in People’s Park, Halifax for a walk around. The portals in there were mainly level 8 and so the intention was that they would provide kit to use back around Baildon and Saltaire. However the temptation was too much, driving back under green is not good, and so I got back home with less kit than I started with.

In People’s Park I spent a bit of time talking to people from a local photography group. Their task was to photograph a single flower, and to photograph the balustrades, one photo with just one balustrade in focus and another photo with three in focus. They had been learning about depth of field. I didn’t feel too out of place because I did have my camera over my shoulder. So I took some photos, but not of flowers.

Canada Goose

It looks as though this Canada Goose has just been on a migration. Migrating to Halifax, why not? Its wing feathers are in a bit of a state.

Squirrel silhouette

And in the park a squirrel kept raiding one of the bins and running back to the shelter of the bushes.

Ingress Uniques in Knaresborough

I need a T shirt saying that I am nor playing Pokemon Go.

This month I need to visit 300 portals that I have never visited before and today I decided to go to Knaresborough, a town I have never been to to play Ingress. As usual I took my camera and, as usual you can click on an image to see it at Flickr.

Mother Shipton’s Cave and the Dripping Well are main attractions in Knaresborough where objects hung in the dripping water soon become calcified.

Railway viaduct

However it has nice features such as the railway viaduct, above.


A market, you can see the Hog Roast stall on the left. Unfortunately they had sold out.


You can climb up the sides of the valley and look down on the river.

River and Viaduct

With some rather nice views.


In the castle grounds are three ravens.



They wear their jessies so that they don’t fly. One of them, apparently, likes to fly onto people’s heads or shoulders, which can be a bit unnerving. It then tries to steal phones or cameras.


Another view of the rail viaduct and river.

The amusing thing is the sign on the other side of the post
I found this rather amusing. It is just by the bowling green. It looks like members of the public can pay-to-play and get the equipment needed.

No Ball Games - on the bowling green

But the other side of the post is a sign saying “No Ball Games”. I wish they would make their minds up.

Peace at Last

I didn’t take photos of them all but various buildings have windows painted.


And the wall near the theatre has a theatrical mural.

John Metcalf

This character, the one on the left, is John Metcalf, aka Blund Jack of Knaresborough. He was a civil engineer, road builder, bridge builder, in spite of being blind.

The person next to him is from the Hog Roast stall. As you can see they had “Sold Out”. There he is eating a fish sandwich.

Hello neighbour

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

No 72 over No 72a

Here 72a is under No 72

Mother Shipton Inn

Mother Shipton Inn. A path leading to an entrance for Mother Shipton’s is just to the left of the Inn.

Weir at the mill

This is the mill at the weir but no longer with a water wheel.


Another view of the river and the town.


The river. You can hire rowing boats to splash about on the river.


Brian Robinson and Beryl Burton.

After my trip to Knaresborough I only need another 15 uniques.