3rd Ingressiversary

I received the invitation to Ingress on 12 Dec 2013 and started playing the following day so this is my 3rd ingressiversary. Erica said it would last 3 months. I’m still going, perhaps not as enthusiastic as in some periods, but still going.

Ingress Invite

I’ve met a lot of people in that time and had some really good fun. I’ve worn out several pairs of trainers and broken all 4 springs on my car suspension.

I’ve got a few badges that are not too far off the next colour so I still have some work to do but that is now having to fit in more with me returning to my hobbies of photography and ornithology instead of them taking the back seat.

I’m quite proud of some of the figures in my stats:-

  • > 29,000 links created
  • > 18,000 fields created
  • > 10,000,000 MU captured single handed
  • 11 recruits
  • > 6,000 km walked

A few photos of Autumn around Robert’s Park

The colour of the tress this Autumn has been spectacular but to get a decent photo the light has to be right too. I think I timed it OK in a couple of these.

As usual you can click on an image to see it on flickr.

Walker Wood/Midgeley Wood, Baildon

This is Walker/Midgely Wood

Walker Wood, Baildon

Walker Wood taken from by the recreation ground at the end of Thompson Lane.

Robert's Park and River Aire

The River can also look lovely at this time of year in the morning light.

Trout on the Weir, Saltaire

This is also the time of year that Trout return to their spawning grounds. I’m sure there is an optimum depth of water for them to get over the weir but it looks like hard work.

I’m afraid the photos of the Trout are not as good as those I took back in 2012 which is the only other time I have seen fish leaping the weir. See below.

Trout trying to leap the weir

Parts of Salt’s Mill can also look rather nice in the evening.

Salts Mill, Early Evening

This is looking East from near the gate at the security lodge.

Salts Mill, Early Evening

And this is looking South from near the rear entrance to ARRIS Reception

Kingfisher at Lunchtime

I went to the weir at Saltaire at lunchtime today looking for fish leaping the weir and saw a Cormorant swallowing a massive fish but no photo I’m afraid.

However I did see a Kingfisher fly up the river from Shipley and perch in a tree on the river’s edge next to the New Mill car park.

I got a few photos of it before it flew off up river. As usual you can click on the image to see larger versions on flickr.




Juvenile Cormorant plus some other Saltaire/Robert’s Park photos

You don’t have to travel far to see wildlife. I often walk through Robert’s Park to get to and from work and there is usually something to stop and watch ot listen to. Here’s a few photos from around Robert’s Park and Saltaire from the last couple of weeks.

As usual you can click on the image and perhaps view other related images on flickr. There are a few other photos on flickr taken around the same time.

Juvenile Cormorant and Grey Heron at the weir Saltaire

Herons are frequently at the weir in Saltaire. But I have seldom seen a Cormorant there. I have seen one on the roof of New Mill in the past and watched a few fly along the river but I think this is the first year I have seen one on the weir. It has been there a few times over the last week or two.

Juvenile Cormorant at the weir Saltaire

Juvenile Cormorant at the weir Saltaire

Juvenile Cormorant at the weir Saltaire

River Aire, Saltaire in the mist

We have had a few Autumn mornings recently and I took a couple of photos in the mist/fog. This was the view of the River Aire and Robert’s Park from the footbridge.

Saltaire United Reformed Church in the mist

And Saltaire United Reformed church in the mist.

An Adventure to Blackburn

These are some photos from yesterday’s Ingress ViaLux Adventure to Blackburn.

I took the scenic route again. I.e not the motorway, so I could stop off at portals on the way. The blurb with them is a bit thin but I like the photos. As usual you can view them on Flickr.


One stop off was on Two Laws Road on the way to Laneshaw Bridge. This 180 deg panorama was taken a little way before The Atom – Panopticon. Just after passing Watersheddles Reservoir.

Panopticon Atom

This is The Atom – Panopticon itself. Just off the road above Pendle’s Panopticon Atom above the Wycoller Country Park.

View from the Panopticon

View from the Panopticon

Pendle Water, Barrowford

Pendle Water, Barrowford

Barrowford Park

Barrowford Park, that had several Ingress Portals

The Woven Globe Sculpture

The Woven Globe Sculpture, Blackburn

Transitions, Blackburn

Transitions, a set of sculptures on Church St, Blackburn

Transitions, Blackburn

Transitions, a set of sculptures on Church St, Blackburn

Grandmother and Child, Blackburn

Grandmother and Child, Blackburn, Near the railway station

Queen Victoria, Blackburn

Queen Victoria, Blackburn. Near the catherdral

Healing of the Nations

A steel and copper circular structure attached to the fa├žade of Blackburn Cathedral

Cathedral entrance, Blackburn

Cathedral entrance, Blackburn

King Georges Hall, Blackburn

Outside King Georges Hall, Blackburn. King Georges Hall, Blackburn

The Braid, Blackburn

The Braid, Blackburn

Richmond Terrace, Blackburn

Richmond Terrace, Blackburn. It was the line of posts that I was trying to capture.

Blackburn shopping centre

Blackburn shopping centre

Gladstone, Blackburn

Gladstone, Blackburn. Shading his eyes from the bright evening sun.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot it? The next photo shows it a bit closer.

A trapped pigeon

A pigeon inside the stairway

The Mall, Blackburn

Above The Mall, Blackburn

James Street, Blackburn

James Street, Blackburn. Just a street sign.

Memorial Stone behind St John's Church, Blackburn

Memorial Stone behind St John’s Church, Blackburn

Blackburn Bus Station

Blackburn Bus Station. I thought the reflections and length of it warranted a photo.

A mosaic tucked out of the way on Railway Road. Blackburn

A mosaic tucked out of the way on Railway Road. Blackburn

The Youth Zone, Jubilee St, Blackburn

The Youth Zone, Jubilee St, Blackburn

Quite a sky, Blackburn.

Quite a sky, Blackburn. Taken from Mill Lane.

Street Art, Mill Lane

Street Art, Mill Lane

They have these bell like things in Blackburn too.

They have these bell like things in Blackburn too. There are several in Bradford. I have often wondered what would happen if you hit one in a car.

A devil of a road

A devil of a road. I might not go that way to Darwen

Another way to see the images is by looking at the Album on Flickr here