Walks, Sat 23 March 2019

This morning was a Wildflowers Walk at Denso Marston Nature Reserve guided by Harry Allenby. I took my new Macro lens with me thinking that I would take photos of the plants.

However three deer were spotted on the other side of the river so I swapped over to my long lens to get this shot of them.

Still with the long lens on – a pair of Mandarin Duck on the river. It is quite possible that they are a pair and that there will be chicks later in the year at the reserve.

The afternoon birding walk was organised by Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and conducted by Paul King.

Again only two photos of the event, neither of them are good photos, but at least record two things we saw. We also saw Curlew, Jay, Jackdaw, Woodpigeon, Blackbird, Robin, Nuthatch, Great Tit, Blue Tit.

This Toad was trying to keep out of our way on the steep path on the Eldwick side of Crag Hebble Dam.

And this Dipper was in the middle of Lode (?) Pit Beck next to the road leading down to Bradford Rowing Club. It was on one leg and still. No dipping.

Liverpool June 2015

I am still tagging and indexing my photos. I have just been through some from June 2015 that were still as unloaded from my camera. These are from 21 June 2015.

Saturday 20 June 2015 was the Liverpool Ingress Anomaly that I attended and on the Sunday I had a walk around parts of Liverpool with my camera.

I was in a hotel near the Anglican Cathedral and my car was parked next to it. When I was at university the cathedral was still being built. Building started in 1904 and was not completed until 1978. This photo is of the window above the entrance on the North of the building.

This is a wider view of the entrance and the cathedral. It is the largest religious building in the UK I believe.

Just along from the cathedral, at the junction with Rodney St. you can look down Duke St. to the centre of Liverpool and see another iconic building – the Liver Building, which is down by the river.

A little further over from Rodney St is the everyman theatre on Hope St where the Anomaly “after” party was held.

And just across from there is the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – yet another iconic building.

And just across from there is a building I remember well. The left hand section of the red brick building is the entrance to the Mechanical Engineering Department where I spent many hours in the early 1970s.

Down towards the centre were many other buildings I recognised but in 2015 several of them looked unused. This used to be Lewis’s. I think it is back in use again now.

The Grand Central Hotel looks as though it could do with a haircut.

In fact much of Lime St. and Renshaw St looked as though it could do with tidying up. A lot of the buildings were closed because it was only 8:30 on a Sunday morning. Hence the lack of people and traffic.

Most of this section has been rebuilt apart from the building at the far end. Across the road the building are concrete and glass of the 1960s and I am surprised they have outlasted the older buildings in this photo.

The Bluecoat Chambers on School Lane still looks as smart as I remember. It was built in 1717 as a charity school.

Seeing this arch at what is effectively the entrance to Liverpool’s Chinatown took me by surprise, but then I read that it is an arch from Shanghai. At the time it was the largest Chines Arch outside of China and much of it was shipped over from Shanghai in 2000 and rebuilt in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

25 Feb on Baildon Moor

On Monday 25 Feb I went up to Baildon Moor. It was great to hear Skylark up in the sky, Lapwing wheeling and pe-witting and Curlew gliding in with their eerie call.

I also heard the drone of a drone. The Skylark seemed to be quiet while it was around, but perhaps that was just my perception.

And the moan of mower.

The Police flew by too.

This Little Owl was a lucky spot, they can be very difficult to see if they perch on stones in the sides of the wall, but perched on top of the wall made it a bit easier. It is looking over towards the horse track.

This female Stonechat was on the edge of the horse track looking into the middle.

I wouldn’t call this a murmuration of Starlings as per Minsmere, there’s only about 100 or so, but it is still nice to see them wheel about.

Earlier the sky had been mainly blue but as the Sun got lower it changed colour and started to look very hazy. It made the layers very noticeable before the wind farm in the distance.

Wednesday 27 Feb, following some Roe Deer

On Wednesday the sky was clear again and it was still unusually warm. I decided to go down to the river and have a walk along the path.

There was plenty of bird song and the ones I could identify were Blue Tit, Great Tit, Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird, Coal Tit, Coot, Moorhen, Crow, Bullfinch, Wren.

Juvenile Grey Heron with a large Frog.

One of the silent ones was this young Grey Heron. It was probably keeping quiet so that it could stalk its prey. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too good at catching frogs, we want to see frog spawn, tadpoles and little frogs later in the year.

Male Bullfinch

I did backtrack a bit when I heard a close-by bullfinch wheezing and managed to get this shot. There seemed to be several around. Two of them looked like a pair but possibly the female still needed a bit of convincing of that.

A Goldcrest flitted through a couple of trees very quickly. I would have expected it to stay in the trees a little longer, looking for insects to eat, and tempting me to get a blurry shot of it; but it hopped through without stopping.

Female Roe Deer

After turning to head back I spotted a Roe Deer

Male and Female Roe Deer

This soon turned out to be two…

2 Male and 1 Female Roe Deer

and then there were three. They spent a lot off their time hidden by the bushes and trees. At one point one of them ran off. A noise and quick scurry in front of it suggested it was chasing off another that wanted to take his place in the group.

Male Roe Deer with decent antlers. Still young?

It then returned to the other two.

Male Roe Deer with small antlers

It looks like the group is two bucks and a doe. I really enjoy watching them and followed them for quite a distance.

Roe Deer and Rubbish

Most of the time the deer are in amongst the bushes and trees and can be tricky to spot unless they move. But then you get a view like this that makes you realise that you are not out in the wilds, miles from anywhere, but just down the road from a city and industry.

Little Grebe

Other thing of interest were a pair of Little Grebe hiding under the trees on the other side of the river. I have seen Little Grebe on many occasions but these two looked tiny. They were a lot smaller than the Moorhens that were near them.


A Kingfisher also peeped along the river and settled for a second or two before flying off up river just a few inches above the water.

Common Dipper

At the far end of my walk, near the railway bridge, where there are a few more rocks were a couple of Common Dippers. I didn’t see them both at the same time but I know there were two because one was ringed (the one above) and one wasn’t.

Grey Wagtail

In the same area there were also several Grey Wagtails.

I have left the photos of the Dipper and Wagtail to the back end of my post because the photos are rather poor but still worth posting I think.


On the way up the path to Otley Rd. I spotted this Pheasant that looks as though it was already settling in for the evening.

Tagging and Indexing Images

I am going through my photos in the Organiser of Photoshop Elements. I seldom use the editor so the full program is a bit of overkill. I should do some research and look for another program that lets me add captions, descriptions, tags (in hierarchies), add to a map and add to an album hierarchy.

I am a little surprised at how many files I have not cataloged. I am going to be busy. But while I am at it I am finding some that I quite like. Some of them are worth sharing.

New Mill and Weir, Saltaire

Working at Salts Mill made it handy for getting photos like this, but I had to plan it because I don’t always take my tripod to work with me.

Horse on the skyline

I remember a few years back I saw a horse and rider on the brow of a hill. The sky was white and snow was on the ground. At the time I wished I had my camera with me. I would have needed a long lens to make anything of it but it was a brilliant photo in my head. This shot reminded me of those thoughts.

When I have been out and about along the river people have often said “I’d love to see a Kingfisher. Never seen one.” I hope many of them have been successful. The main thing you have to do it turn up your senses. Listen for the high “peep” and then look. In this case I needed to follow my own advice. I didn’t hear anything.

And it wasn’t until after I had pressed “delete” that I noticed the little flash of blue on the tree trapped on the Hirst Wood weir on the river Aire.

Thankfully the program I was using puts things in the Recycle Bin so I could get it back.

This one of the Moon reflected on the weir at Roberts Park was taken about the same time as the one of New Mill above but 3 days later.

This is a view of the river at Denso Marston Nature Reserve taken in March 2012.

There is no topic to the images I am putting in this post other than they are ones I am finding interesting as I go through and add tags to them in the Organiser.

This one is of an unused part of Salts Mill. It is the roof space two floors above what is the Pace Gym. The left hand windows look out onto what is the Salts Piazza. I went up there to see if the windows gave me a better view of the Kestrels that were nesting. The windows only opened at the top and the view was quite poor.

This one is of aerial acrobatics suspended from a Helium filled sphere. The building in the background is Bradford City Hall. The event was the official opening of City Park.

The two ropes from the sphere were fastened to two people who could move about. As they moved further apart the sphere would come lower. On several occasions she was able to touch the up-raised hands of the people below.

I have only managed to go through two months worth of uncatalogued photos. At this rate I will be looking like the character above before I have finished.

This was spotted in one of the apartment windows of Victoria Mills, Shipley.