Having mentioned Mink in my last posting I searched here for my previous encounters and found that the best story was only on Flickr but this website is where it should be; so here goes.

Mink were first in the UK in the late 1920s, in Mink farms, where they were bred for their fur. Unfortunately some escaped, some were released, and they were being reported in the wild in the late 1950s. They had an established population even prior to the releases by animal rights activists and the the decline in the fur trade when, again, many were released. They are excellent predators and are one of the contributors to the decline of the Water Vole.

There is nothing gory in this story but if you like your wildlife all fluffy and friendly then you might not want to read on.

Back in 2011 on this very same date, 29 May, I was down by the river at Denso Marston Nature Reserve. Just near the down river entrance was a Moorhen and a couple of chicks.Pandemonium

I was just about to take a photo of them when all hell broke loose.

Mink and Moorhen chick No 1

A Mink had caught one of the chicks. It took it to the river bank and climbed up into the bushes.

Mink fish hunting

It then surprised me by coming back out again and started hunting out the other chick.

Mink sniffing out some prey

Sniffing around, poking its nose between the rocks.

Moorhen parent rather defensless

It soon caught the other one and the Moorhen adult watched defenceless as it was taken up onto the river bank.

Mink and Moorhen chick

It then carried it along the rocks at the side, heading up river.

Mink and Moorhen chick

Up over rocks

Mink and Moorhen chick

Leaping over the water between rocks

Mink and Moorhen chick

Running along the muddy river bank

Mink and Moorhen chick

Pausing occasionally to check that I wasn’t a threat on the other side of the river

Mink and Moorhen chick

before carrying on…

Mink and Moorhen chick

and on ….

Mink and Moorhen chick

until it got to this point where it climbed up a couple of rocks and disappeared into a tangled mass of tree roots.

Back to get the 1st kill

Almost immediately it came back out again and set off down river.

Mink and Moorhen chick

and very soon it was back with the first chick that it had hidden.

Mink and Moorhen chick

That behaviour shows quite a bit of cunning. If it had brought the 1st one up river, to what I assume were its young, then by the time it got back down the adult and chick would have moved on to safety.

I have a few more photos of Mink and this link will show the thumbnails of them.

Mink, River Aire, Baildon

A Walk Along the River

After a walk around Hallcliffe Community Garden I went down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve. I had heard that a Mink had been seen there earlier so that helped me decide where to go with my camera. I didn’t see the Mink but did enjoy my walk along the river.

I was looking out for several things some of which I managed to find.


This fish did take me by surprise though. It is not a clear photo but it is a big gold carp. The little streaks you can see around it are fish. From that you can perhaps get an idea of how BIG it is.

Banded Demoiselle (Male)

One of the early things I noticed were a few male Banded Demoiselle. They are quite dark and relatively easy to spot but not easy to photograph. They soon fly off.

Banded Demoiselle (Female)

Sometime later in my walk I also spotted a female Banded Demoiselle that obligingly let me get close enough.

Azure Damselfly

Lots of Azure Damselfly were around too. I am hoping I have identified this correctly. It has a small horizontal black bar which means it is not the Blue Damselfly. But I am no expert.


There were also quite a few Harlequin around. Most moved round under leaves as I approached with my camera but this one was too busy eating a Greenfly on stinging nettles to be bothered to wander off.

Quite a few butterfly were around but they didn’t stay still long enough to photograph. I spent a while trying to get a Brimstone but no luck.

Speckled Wood

I did manage to get this Speckled Wood spreading its wings in the sunshine.


And then tucked in amongst the grass was this Mayfly. The place is teeming with life and can be quite noisy.


Tucked under a little shelter were these Toads. I think I prefer Frogs.


Plenty of bees were around as were Hoverfly, Wasps and many other insects.


I didn’t get to photograph many birds. This Wren was one of them I did catch but Robin, Blue tit, Great tit, Coal tit, Blackbird, Chiff chaff, Woodpigeon, Jay, Magpie, Bullfinch and others were around. But something that made it well worth the visit was….

Woodpecker Chick

a Greater Spotted Woodpecker chick. I could hear several Woodpecker around so I kept my ears open for the “Chip, Chip” of the young and managed to find a little hole with a head peeking out.

Woodpecker Chick

I did hang around for a while because I could hear the adults but they didn’t approach the nest. I could see and hear them around the tree but after a while it became apparent that they were not going to come in to feed the chick so I had to leave them.

Roe Deer

And then spotted this Roe Deer.

Roe Deer

Roe Deer

It didn’t seem too concerned that I had spotted it. It wandered along the other side of the river happily licking its nose.


And then one of the last things I spotted was a female Goosander looking rather cross that I had disturbed it. Quite often all you see of Goosander is the back end of them as they fly away.

If I have got the ID of any of these things wrong please let me know,

As usual you can click on any of the images to see them on Flickr.