Baildon Toilets? Spice? Fish & Chips?

I believe that once upon a time there were toilets in the car park behind Glendale House.

Raj’s’ Spice Hut

They then became Raj’s Spice Hut. I guess I don’t go into the car park by Glendale House very often. That’s my excuse anyway.

I used to think I went about with my eyes open but I recently went by that way and noticed that the sign on the building was unreadable. As of early 2018 it is unused. It is obviously no longer Raj’s Spice Hut.

The unused sign flipped

But a bit of playing about with contrast and flipping the image shows Mo’s Fisheries. What have I missed? How many other incarnations has the building had? Was it actually Mo’s Fisheries? If I do a Google search for Mo’s Fisheries they all seem to be in London.

And rather interestingly the sign has a similar layout with the fish on the left.

Blue Tit Checking Out the Nest Box

Here’s just a few photos of a Blue Tit checking out one of the nest boxes we have in the garden.

Sping Blue Tit

It spent a bit of time having a look round the hole and pecking at the edges. I don’t know if this was to check out how strong it was, or getting a few tiny insects or to smooth off a few of the edges. Or perhaps so it can say to its mate “Look what I have just made for us.”

Sping Blue Tit

I imagine it is quite dark in there when your body blocks off the only source of light.

Sping Blue Tit

I hope the view is acceptable.

Sping Blue Tit

There’s a nice step to help with the climb out.

Sping Blue Tit

And plenty of branches around to perch on.

I wonder if I will see this bird later in the spring, looking rather frazzled, as it flies back and forth feeding young in the box.

As usual you can click on any of the images to see them larger on flickr. There are also a couple of others in the album on flickr.