Hornet Hoverfly?

This is a quick posting due to me not being sure, and wanting to find out more, about the Hoverfly. I’ll update the post once I have more confirmed info.

Hornet Hoverfly

It looks like a Hornet Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria). This is a view from the side. The abdomen is quite fat, not like the more common hoverfly that has a very thin abdomen.

I would like confirmation as to what type of Hoverfly it is. The internet talks about the distribution of the Hornet Hoverfly moving up from the South. Is it a frequent sighting around Bradford/Yorkshire?

Another type of Hornet mimic Hoverfly that someone mentioned is Volucella inanis which, given the location, is more likely.

Hornet Hoverfly

And a view from the top.

Mint Moth on Oragano

This is a view of a Mint moth on Oregano taken the same day as the Hoverfly. I have added this one just for the fun of it.

Denso Marston Nature Reserve early July

On 11 July 2018 I went for a walk at Denso Marston Nature Reserve along the river Aire with my camera.

As usual you can click on any of the images to view them on flickr within the album where you can see more photos of the visit.

 Grey Squirrel

Before I get around to the Denso photos here’s a couple from our garden. A Grey Squirrel eating some of the the food that has dropped from the bird feeder.

Wood Pigeon

And a Wood Pigeon that feeds in the same area.

Small White

I spent a few minutes by the pond at DMNR watching Moorhen, fish, Damselflies and quite a few Small White butterflies flitting about.

Juvenile Jay

Quite often I see Jays at Denso Marston Reserve but usually they have already seen me and are flying away. Having just been quiet near the pond perhaps this juvenile was not too spooked by my presence.

Juvenile Jays

I then spotted two more close by, all the same family I expect.

Small Skipper

A few Small Skippers were also flitting around the river banks.

Juvenile Robin

Over on the Spider Club bird feeder were a couple of juvenile Robins. They didn’t seem as wary as the adults.


I have hundred of photos of Grey Herons that I have taken over several years but this is the first time I have seen one pretending to be a Swan. It is possible that it still has its feet on the river bed but it looks unusual for a Grey Heron.


It then seemed to give itself a good shake.


And started hunting out fish. The stretched out neck and the reflection is good in this. I am impressed that there is no splash or ripple though.


To me Grey Herons look all wings, neck and legs with a tiny body in the middle to hang everything off. It is amazing that they can get large fish down their throats but even more amazing that there is room for the fish in their stomachs; their bodies don’t seem big enough. This one is just coming in to land and has lots of eddy currents stirring up its wing feathers.

This photo was taken just after the one at the top of this blog posting – the featured image as it’s called – the one that appears on Twitter, Facebook and G+ when the post is shared.

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