25 Feb on Baildon Moor

On Monday 25 Feb I went up to Baildon Moor. It was great to hear Skylark up in the sky, Lapwing wheeling and pe-witting and Curlew gliding in with their eerie call.

I also heard the drone of a drone. The Skylark seemed to be quiet while it was around, but perhaps that was just my perception.

And the moan of mower.

The Police flew by too.

This Little Owl was a lucky spot, they can be very difficult to see if they perch on stones in the sides of the wall, but perched on top of the wall made it a bit easier. It is looking over towards the horse track.

This female Stonechat was on the edge of the horse track looking into the middle.

I wouldn’t call this a murmuration of Starlings as per Minsmere, there’s only about 100 or so, but it is still nice to see them wheel about.

Earlier the sky had been mainly blue but as the Sun got lower it changed colour and started to look very hazy. It made the layers very noticeable before the wind farm in the distance.