3rd Ingressiversary

I received the invitation to Ingress on 12 Dec 2013 and started playing the following day so this is my 3rd ingressiversary. Erica said it would last 3 months. I’m still going, perhaps not as enthusiastic as in some periods, but still going.

Ingress Invite

I’ve met a lot of people in that time and had some really good fun. I’ve worn out several pairs of trainers and broken all 4 springs on my car suspension.

I’ve got a few badges that are not too far off the next colour so I still have some work to do but that is now having to fit in more with me returning to my hobbies of photography and ornithology instead of them taking the back seat.

I’m quite proud of some of the figures in my stats:-

  • > 29,000 links created
  • > 18,000 fields created
  • > 10,000,000 MU captured single handed
  • 11 recruits
  • > 6,000 km walked

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