A trip to Settle

Today’s trip was to Settle with a detour via Fewston Chapel, Blubberhouses. (Not that I take a trip somewhere everyday.)

From Fewston Chapel I created a few Ingress fields down to Baildon and across to The Bar House at the top of Old Pool Bank, between Otley and Pool in Wharfedale. The put my Mind Unit score over 17,000,000; it had taken several weeks to get the last few thousand to get me over that number. I have obviously been concentrating on other aspects of the game.

I then headed off to Settle, there were a few long green links coming out of there that I didn’t like the look of. I was also thinking I might go past Settle looking for uniques but that didn’t happen.

I took the slightly scenic route to Settle with the road being single track for several miles.


This is a panorama of 5 images stitched together on High Hill Lane just before dropping down into Settle. Well, it is supposed to be. The thumbnail is the right size but it is not displaying correctly. Please click in the image to see it on Flickr.


Perhaps that displays better without the Flickr script.

Junction Lodge, Victoria St., Settle

This narrow building is Junction Lodge on Victoria St just as you get into Settle.

Museum of North Craven Life, Settle

And this rather impressive 17th century building, called The Folly, is The Museum of North Craven Life, Settle. It is closed on Monday.

On the way back home I was able to clear some more green links out of the way and as a result create a field Settle – Fewston Chapel – Baildon covering Baildon, Ilkley, Addingham etc.

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