A walk with my camera on Sunday after #tdy

After having watched the bikes go through Saltaire for the Tour de Yorkshire I walked back over the river, then across into Midgeley Woods near Shipley Glen Tramway. I then walked through the woods to Baildon Bank coming out onto Green Road opposite Baildon Community Link.

Grey Heron, SaltaireThere is often a Grey Heron on the weir at Saltaire, and today with all the crowds was no exception.

Mallard, SaltaireI wonder if the green stuff on the weir tastes better when the water is rushing over it or do the ducks do this just for fun?

Bluebells. My take on a common subject…

BluebellsAbove is my photo of this year’s Bluebells. Taken in Midgeley Woods


I needed to do something different because my attempts at a carpet of Bluebells, as above, are not very good. It would probably show the carpet better if I did something between the two types of photo. I might try next year.
Ashy Mining Bee

As you come out of Midgeley Wood towards Baildon Bank you can see lots of small holes along the edges of the footpaths. Many of them have dusting of different coloured earth/sand around them.

Ashy Mining bee

And if you look closely you will see the antenna of bees. In this case an Ashy Mining Bee.

Ashy Mining BeeYou might see them around the edges of the paths, There are also other kinds of mining bee that you might see. They are solitary bees that make holes with several cells/chambers for their eggs. Shipley Glen is a good place for them and without people walking about to make the hard paths some of them would struggle.

BullfinchAfter passing the houses at Baildon Green I spotted this rather plump and rosy male Bullfinch eating the tiny leave buds on the bushes.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerBut then had the good fortune to hear, and then see, this male Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerHe spent a bit of time on this branch, looking and listening.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerAfter having circled it a couple of times it looked as though he had decided on where the food was and how best to get it.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerA few strategically placed taps…

Male Great Spotted Woodpeckerled to pieces coming away…

Male Great Spotted Woodpeckercracks appearing….

Male Great Spotted Woodpeckerand then a piece of bark falling away.

Male Great Spotted Woodpeckera couple of taps later…

Male Great Spotted Woodpeckerand there was food.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerDown it went. Which possibly means that it doesn’t have any young to feed.

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerA few more taps at the uncovered rotting wood did not give up any more grubs.

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

Male Great Spotted WoodpeckerSo off he went to another branch to pick at some small insects.

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