April in Robert’s Park

We haven’t had to wait months for these photos to appear. They are from today. As often happens I had a walk round Robert’s Park today and along part of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Jay with nesting material

This is one of a pair of Jays seen in Hirst Lock Nature Reserve at lunchtime. They were both collecting nesting material .

These following photos were taken on my way through the park after work.

Greylag Goslings

Here’s nine little Greylag goslings on the canal at the end of Vistoria Road.

Robin with food

This Robin has a few scratty looking insects in its beak obviously taking them off to a young one somewhere. I think the nest was in the low bushes between two of the paths.

Flower head, Robert's Park

Bellis perrenis

Flower head, Robert's Park

Bellis perrenis

Blossom, Robert's Park

The flowers and blossom in Robert’s Park are quite spectacular at the moment.

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