Here are 2 photos from Saturday, I have a few more but have yet to decide whether they warrant sharing.

Autumn is here and the trees have changed colour.

Trench Wood, Baildon

This photo is of Trench Wood, taken from the end of Higher Coach Road, Baildon. The meadow there is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to rare meadow grasses and flowers.

Female Blackbird, Roberts Park

And this photo is of a female Blackbird in a Holly bush at the end of Higher Coach Road.

Thrushes (same family as Blackbird) come over to the UK from Europe for the winter and Robert’s Park on Higher Coach Road is one of the places that you can see them. The population of Thrushes in Robert’s Park increases and now there are lots of Blackbirds, Mistle Thrushes and Redwing. You can see and hear them flying between the trees. I am going back there soon to get some better photos of the Redwing (I don’t have any worth sharing here yet 🙁 ) You can often see them in the Yew trees but as soon as you spot them they fly off into the tops of the taller trees.

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