On Thursday afternoon I had yet another walk on Baildon Moor and of course took my camera with me.

Misty View to Ovenden Moor

Something that was noticeable was how misty it was in the distance. This view towards Ovenden has the wind turbines shrouded. This is very different to a photo I took from the sides of Reeva Reservoir back in 2013. It is a photo of the transmitters at Wrose, just across the way from Baildon, and the transmitter at Emley Moor, 16 miles away. Have a look at it here.

Green Veined White

There were a few butterflies around making the most of the warm sunshine – like this Green Veined White…

A very raggedy Peacock

and this rather raggedy Peacock butterfly.

Meadow Pipit with food

As expected there were lots of Meadow Pipit around and quite a few had noticeable collections of insects in their beaks. Evidence that they are feeding young somewhere.


But the star of the walk was this Linnet that popped up onto a wall just in front of me.


I had to be quick to get a couple of shots of it before it and another one, that was behind the wall, flew off across the field.

New Flight Path

Some planes from Leeds Bradford Airport seem to be following the new flight path and flying closer to Baildon Moor but with the tight turn it does mean they are gone within seconds. Once upon a time planes had visible registration numbers on their underside. Has that stopped now? I can see nothing on this plane other than some letters on the doors to the nose wheel.

Skylark with food

The new flight path doesn’t seem to be disturbing the Skylark. This one was happily feeding on the 11th fairway.

As usual you can click on an image to see it on Flickr or go to view the album here.

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