Baildon Moor 5 July 2020

Yesterday, 5 July 2020, was what I would consider my first time out out, since 12 March. Back then I went down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve.

That trip to Denso was when I finally got some photos of a Water Rail and spotted a Redpoll.

Yesterday was a quick trip onto Baildon Moor.

As expected there were a few Meadow Pipits around and this one is flying along with food in its beak showing that young are still being fed. It is still important for dogs to be on leads at this time and it was good to see a family put their dog on a lead as they entered a field heading towards Golcar Farm. Skylark nest in the tufts of grass on the edge of the golf club fairways so it is a good idea to keep dogs on a lead there too.

Flying low along the slopes and along the walls, almost with the Meadow Pipits, were quite a few Swift. Swift are normally quite high in the sky but I guess they go where the insects are. It was very windy and rain was rolling across from the West.

With its lack of a tail, slightly fluffy appearance and spots rather than stripes on its belly I am going to say that this Reed Bunting is a juvenile rather than an adult female, and so evidence of more successful breeding on Baildon Moor.

Soon after this I saw the hills starting to be hidden by rain so I headed back home.

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