Baildon Moor sightings, 24 Oct

Following the posting to the Baildon Moor website by Shaun Radcliffe about Winter Thrushes I decided to have a walk round part of the moor myself today.

Shaun mentioned Meadow Pipits going into the grass to feed. I saw a few fly away as I was walking along but I did hear quite a few flying around. One of the fields was having manure spread on it and a few Crows and gulls were flying around the tractor.

However the first interesting thing I saw was this Buzzard being seen off by a Crow.

Buzzard chased by Crow

Soon after that I saw a Red Kite just drifting by.

Red Kite

I say “just drifting by” but it is amazing how quickly it was just a dot in the distance.

Red Kite

In one of the fields I saw a couple of Fly Agaric mushrooms. This is the toadstool that you expect to see the little door in for the fairies. If you eat one of them you might well believe you have seen fairies.

Fly Agaric mushroom

Over by the Sconce camp site I finally saw what Shaun had headed his posting. It was a flock of 50 or more winter thrushes. This photo is of a part of the flock. Those that I can see identifying marks on are Fieldfare but someone with more skill may be able to identify others as Redwing.

Fieldfare in flight

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