Blackcap and ringed Siskin

The corner of our garden with the feeders gets lots of Greenfinches at this time of year with a few Bramblings, Chaffinches and Bullfinches putting in an appearance. The Chaffinches and Bullfinches are local I believe.

However, on Saturday I saw a couple of birds that are less frequent visitors. The first being a male Blackcap.

Blackcap in our garden

Blackcaps tend to eat insects/fruit/berries I believe but this one was quite happy to eat some Sunflower hearts as was a Siskin.

Siskin in our garden

They were even happy to share the feeder.

Siskin and Blackcap in our garden

Even though I might only see a few Siskins a year it is obvious that this visitor has been seen before. It has a ring on its right leg. Unfortunately I don’t have the sophisticated software that CSI have where I can draw a box round a section and click enhance until it is perfectly clear what it says on the ring.

Ringed Siskin

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