Buying a Shed

The holes in the roof and back of our shed mean that it needs repairing with a new one so today I went to Yeadon to look at some. It is rather difficult to tell what the difference is between Sub-standard, Budget, Super and Deluxe when some websites don’t give a description and seem to use the same photos for all of them. All the difference that I could see was in £s.

I decided to take my camera with me, not because I wanted photos of sheds, but because of Yeadon Tarn. Of course it started raining as I left the shed shop but not to worry.

I had heard that Shoveller Ducks were at Yeadon Tarn but I didn’t see any today. There were quite a few male and female Tufted Ducks which were nice to see.

Canada Geese and Grey Lag Geese were quite prepared to have a hiss at you as you walked past.

There were quite a few majestic Swans happy to be fed, with lots of Black Headed Gulls squawking about.

What I was rather pleased to see was a Cormorant. It frequently dived under, often being watched by Gulls.

I kept an eye on the Cormorant as I was walking along the path back towards my car, after all I was getting soaked, and was pleased to see it still diving, and then it came up with a fish. If you compare the size of the Cormorant’s head when it is looking face on you wonder how it can get such a fish down. The bottom mandible can widen and the whole back of the beak open up. I have seen the same thing in Grey Herons. When they look at you head on they only look the width of a pencil but can widen to get big fish down their throats.

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