Here are 2 photos from Saturday, I have a few more but have yet to decide whether they warrant sharing.

Autumn is here and the trees have changed colour.

Trench Wood, Baildon

This photo is of Trench Wood, taken from the end of Higher Coach Road, Baildon. The meadow there is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to rare meadow grasses and flowers.

Female Blackbird, Roberts Park

And this photo is of a female Blackbird in a Holly bush at the end of Higher Coach Road.

Thrushes (same family as Blackbird) come over to the UK from Europe for the winter and Robert’s Park on Higher Coach Road is one of the places that you can see them. The population of Thrushes in Robert’s Park increases and now there are lots of Blackbirds, Mistle Thrushes and Redwing. You can see and hear them flying between the trees. I am going back there soon to get some better photos of the Redwing (I don’t have any worth sharing here yet 🙁 ) You can often see them in the Yew trees but as soon as you spot them they fly off into the tops of the taller trees.

More Kingfisher at Adel Dam

On the 24th September I paid another visit to Adel Dam Nature Reserve. At the first hide the feeders had just been topped up and they were quite busy with birds.

Blue Tit

Peanuts are too big for the smaller birds to eat in one go so what happens is that they fly in, pick up a peanut and then fly off into the trees to then eat the nut peck by peck. This Blue Tit did just that and flew into the bushes by the side of the hide.


At the 2nd hide Nuthatch were doing a similar thing but this one is still on the feeder.


Robins were also using the feeders.

Bank Vole

But one of the stars of the visit was this Bank Vole, and my, were they quick? Usually they were gone before I could press the shutter but some times they would pause before scurrying off again.


THE star of the visit was this Kingfisher. It perched on this branch for a while.


It spread its colourfull wings a couple of times


It also did some diving, but often came up with little bits of weed instead of fish.


The nature reserve is well worth a visit. On this occasion there were Blue tit, Coal tit, Great tit, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Nuthatch, Robin, Black headed gull, Buzzard, Red Kite, Teal, Mallard, Moorhen and Grey Wagtail.

As usual you can click on any of the images to see them on Flickr. There are also a few more Kingfisher shots within the flickr album.

Harley Rally August 2017

I usually try to get up into the Baildon centre for the Harley Rally and this year I took photos of the fuel tanks. I have now put them all together into a montage. I might add a couple more photos later; ones of the more general view. There are a couple of imposters in the collage but the ethos is still the same. No! they are not Japanese or Italian imposters, or German.

Harley Tanks 2017

As usual click on the image to see it on flickr.

I’m starting to think I will start having the images in my blog instead of on flickr. If you are not familiar with flickr it is not obvious how to navigate to larger version like this – large image or this one at the original size.

Kingfishers at Adel Dam Nature Reserve

I paid my first visit to Adel Dam Nature Reserve yesterday afternoon. It was quite a grey day but the sightings of the Kingfishers were good. I will be calling again.

From the first hide you could see Nuthatch, Blue Tits, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Coal Tits, Great Tit and a young Grey Heron strutting along the path in front of the hide. But for me the far hide was the best.


I often see Kingfisher along the river Aire in Baildon or Saltaire but at Adel Dam there were three flying around the lake. On several occasions they flew along the front of the hide, only a few feet away. They also caught several fish and perched on branches giving the fish a good whack against the branch before swallowing it.


And for a few seconds one of them perched on a branch quite close to the hide.

If I had known that the Kingfishers were showing themselves like that I would have got there earlier instead of playing Ingress between Adel Cricket Club and Headingley Golf Club.

As usual you can click on the image and see it larger on Flickr. There are several more on Flickr. Use the left and right chevrons to move through the Adel Dam photo album.


I went for a walk along the river Aire today with the intention of getting a photo of a Kingfisher. I did see one fly along the river but it didn’t co-operate and perch near me. I took a few photos of butterflies and Goosander and I will probably be posting something about them later but these photos are a bit more exciting.

Several times during my walk along the river I heard some loud cries and it took a while for it to sink in that it was a bird of prey. Most of the time it was in the trees across the other side of the river but on my way back towards Denso Marston Nature Reserve from the Shipley end I realised that the cry was now coming from my side of the river. I walked as quietly as I could along the path and could see where the noise was coming from. But would you believe that what looked like two Buzzards were disturbed by a man walking along the river bank with a shopping basket on wheels in tow. The clatter of the wheels on the path was amazing. I still can’t work out how that could be a short cut to or from shops.

After this I was thinking about heading home but decided to go somewhere I had heard similar calls before, and this time I was in luck. Beautiful! Well worth the detour. It’s fantastice that we can see all this in Baildon.

As usual you can click on the image and see a larger version on Flickr. There are several more on Flickr too.


I was quite pleased to spot this Buzzard. So often they spot you first and all you see if a flash of brown and white as it flies off into the distance.


I could hear two calling as it launched itself from the pylon.


It circled around on its massive wings and landed on the pylon again.


And around it went again. On one of its circuits it seemed to look right at me.


Before flying off over Esholt.