Day 70 in our garden

Yet again, on Day 70, we had a flock of Long Tailed Tits flit through the back garden so I have included some photos of them for the day. There’s nothing new but I am also publishing a page covering this series and I have added the page to the Places menu option. I will try to add a link to the summary page on all the other posts in the series.

The header image is of the beady eye of a Wood Pigeon.

I have posted several photos of the Albertine Rose but this photo of it is a bit wider showing that it is full of flowers and buds. It’s a nice Rose. The Dog Rose is still producing lots of buds and flowers.

It is great hearing the flock of twittering Long Tailed Tits approach from a neighbour’s garden, slowly work their way through the bushes and trees at the end of our garden and then move on to the other neighbour. Apparently the young can be being fed by older siblings – everyone mucks in to feed the little ones.

Here’s Day 69 in our garden.

Here’s the index to the Days in our garden series.

Day 69 in our garden

Day 69 in the series is the last day of May and we are still getting new things in our garden for the posts. Day 69 sees a new spider and a couple of plants getting into flower. The header image is of six Greylag Geese flying over our garden. I am saying that they are Greylag because the underwing has a light patch on it.

These three plants are new for the series. Toadflax, we have that growing in the front and back gardens and a few flowers on Basil – this is in our kitchen. We buy living Basil to use as a herb and it often starts flowering. The last one shows Haws starting to grow on the Hawthorn.

If you have been here before you possibly know that I like the Large Red Damselflies that have been around and also the Mint Moths that show on the Oregano and Sage.

During the day we had a flock of Long Tailed Tits work their way through the hedge and trees at the end of the garden. Quite a few of them were juveniles, like these two. The one with its beak open stopped for a few seconds with its feathers, including its tail, spread as though it was trying to catch the heat of the sun. It had its beak open so that it could also cool itself down.

Spider below.

This Harlequin Ladybird was doing its best to not be in the sun. It kept moving so that it was in the shade. The spider also tried to stay in the shade. Enoplognatha ovata is the suggestion I have from someone that is better at IDs than I am..

Here’s Day 68 in our garden.

Day 68 in our garden

We are still having some nice warm weather and the header image is of a Blackbird sunning itself in our garden. I have managed to get a couple of new things for Day 68.

A weed that needs to be pulled out, Willow Herb, before it seeds itself, and a small helicopter. A RotorSport UK Cavalon, G-CGYX, owned by Keith Hall on its way back to Doncaster from the Lake District.

I am surprised at the frequency that I am seeing Large Red Damselflies in the garden so hare are a couple more – and also a pair coupled.

The three photos above are of things I have posted several times but they are looking rather nice.

Here’s Day 67 in our garden.

Day 67 in our garden

I am putting this one together quickly today. The Geranium photo is of a new variety for the series Sanguineum I believe.

The header image is another one up close and personal with a Large Red Damselfly. This one was inside our house but I got hold of it and put it on the Sage where it stayed for a few minutes for me to get a few photos. The last photo above is another Red Damselfly that I watched land on the Choisya. When I went to investigate I saw that it had a large fly, or is it a moth, that it was eating. Yummy!

Day 67 was another day with a clear blue sky. This shot of the Moon was taken at about 5:00pm.

Here’s Day 66 in our garden.

Day 66 in our garden

Have the header image eyes got your attention? A few Larger Red Damselflies have been through the garden now, and I got up close and personal with this one.

This one was on the Buddleia for a while.

Another colourful thing in the garden, though a lot smaller, is the Mint Moth. This one looks as though it is laying eggs on the stalks of the Oregano.

The other day when I posted the photo of the first Dog Rose flower I did say I was not happy with the look of it so here’s two new ones that i think look a lot better.

A photo of a Red Spider Mite is below.

I have saved the two new things for last. We have lots of tiny Red Spider Mites running about the walls of our front garden. The other photo is of Cuckoo Spit on our Chives, the stuff produced by the nymph of the Froghopper.

Here’s Day 65 in our garden.

Day 65 in our garden

Day 65 and there are a couple of spiders in this post but I have put them at the end. The header image is of a Shield Bug on one of our windows.

One thing I have noticed recently is that is you click on any of the images you are presented with one that is much clearer, especially if you are viewing it in a normal browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

At last! I had been hoping to see one of these soon. These two photos are of a Mint Moth on the Oregano. It looks as though I need to pull some grass out of it.

I had to follow this pair of Large Red Damselflies around the garden before they settled long enough for me to get a photo. The same with the Small White butterfly. Usually they come over one fence float along and then disappear over the next fence.

Near the Oregano we have a Dog Rose that is full of flower buds, some of them are showing their colour and a couple have opened. The first flower is not a particularly good shape. I am sure later ones will look much better.

I am still impressed with the Hebe Parahebe though. The flowers are tiny but when you get up close they look great.

I’m hoping that we will have Lady bird larvae around soon because this Two Spot Ladybird doesn’t seem too interested in getting rid of the Aphids that we have on the Rosa Bonica in the front garden.

It looks like we had some slugs and snails taking refuge under the water butt stand that I moved when I was cutting the grass. These appeared in the middle of the “lawn” where I had temporarily put the stand.

And now for the photos of some more little things, including the spiders. First a Vine Weevil that flew off the Runner Beans before I could catch it and put it in another garden. Then 3 varieties of fly followed by two small spiders.

So that you don’t have to scroll past the spider’s to see the link here’s Day 64 in our garden.

And now the spiders.