Day 78 in our garden

This series has got to stop soon but I quite like these, and new things are still being spotted. The header image is of a Blue Tit feeding on a Cherry, neither of those are new.

The new thing for Day 78 is flowers on the Lemon Thyme in the garden. Tiny flowers on a tiny plant.

I have posted plenty of Blue Tit photos during the series but these of a Blue Tit pecking and eating a Cherry on the tree are cute. You can see that the bird has pulled the cherry up and is holding it steady against the branch by its stalk.

The squirrel looked at the cherry that appears ripe but went for ones that are very yellow/green/unripe.

Here’s Day 77 in our garden.

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Day 77 in our garden

I am a bit late in getting Day 77 blog post up and running – 5 o’clock the following day. We have a few firsts for the series though.

The Moss (Wall Screw-moss¬†–¬†Tortula muralis) is shown with a cm ruler against it (also header image) so you don’t think our garden is a massive primordial forest. It might have its fair share of weeds, like the Thistle, but it our garden is not a particularly big. A lot of the things I have shown are from our garden. i.e. the photo was taken from our garden but the subject is in someone else’s garden, or flying overhead. The Leycesteria above is in our garden but the Mock Orange and Escallonia are from our garden.

This set of photos are of things (species) that have been posted before but I thought worth sharing again.

Here’s Day 76 in our garden.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.

Day 76 in our garden

Day 76 in the series, otherwise known as the 7th June 2020.

Across the back of our garden we have a Hawthorn hedge with the left hand corner growing to quite a height. The Hawthorn has already featured in this series but over the last few years an Elder has been growing further and further out of the top of it and it is only on Day 76 that I have taken a photo of it.

I have watched the buds develop and grow into the white Elderflowers on this tree. Soon they will be turning into Elderberries and hopefully we will see Blackcaps in the tree feeding on them later in the year. It is much bigger and more visible than in previous years.

The photos were taken from a first floor window because of the height of the tree and the fact that it pokes out of the top of the Hawthorn, which is also quite tall.

Here’s Day 75 in our garden.

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Day 75 in our garden

I have just one photo, as the header image, for Day 75. It is something that is new to us and new to the series. It is one of several Campanula portenschlagiana that we have just bought and I have now planted them in the front garden. It is also called Clockwise Deep Blue but to me that is quite definitely purple.

Here’s Day 74 in our garden.

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Day 74 in our garden

Day 74 had a bit of a surprise for us. The clatter of hail. The header image shows the hail amongst the Runner Beans. Lettuce and Courgettes.

Hail in our garden

After all the scorching days we have had it was a bit of a surprise to get several sessions of hail during the day. It doesn’t seem to have damaged any of the plants.

Here’s Day 73 in our garden.

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Day 73 in our garden

A study in Pinks.

These rain soaked Pinks (Dianthus) are new for this series and new for our garden. There are a lot of buds just waiting to bloom.

COVID-19 has made it a little more difficult to get the plants we have wanted after having the front garden landscaped early in the year. A couple of places we have recently had deliveries from now seem to have stopped doing that, even though for one of them it was part of their previous way of doing business.

The last time I went out shopping was March 13, until now. I have now been out to buy plants, and I did not enjoy the experience. When driving there are rules and recognised ways of behaving, many backed by laws, so people can stay safe and keep free of dents. We need something similar for when out and about walking, and for it to be adopted as the New Norm. It is no longer acceptable for the only rule to be try not to bump into others. It is not just governments, health services and scientists that need to learn from this experience, individuals need to learn too.

Here’s Day 72 in our garden.

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