Marfell Genealogy

A few months back I moved the genealogy web application to a new site on This was partly to indicate that the site was not to be thought of as mine (even though it is) but it allowed me to then look at doing a complete rehash of this site. Soon after that I replaced the php Nuke application with this WordPress install.

Though I mention the genealogy site elsewhere on this site I thought it better to create a more obvious link to it. Hence the new menu option above.

WordPress users might like to know that by default the link in the meun will open in the same window and initially there is no visible way of changing that. However, in the version I am using, there are more menu options that can be displayed. When you are on the Main Menu screen you can click on Screen Options at the top right of the screen and put a check against Link Target in Show advanced menu properties. This then allows you, when editing the menu entry, to select how you want the link to behave.

My Amazon Store

I have just added my Amazon aStore to my blog (see menu above) in the hope that the thousands of visitors I get to my site will all buy lots of things from Amazon using the links in the aStore. Failing that they can simply visit Amazon using this link. I have earned about 53p so far this year – just less than 5p per month. I will not be giving up my day job just yet. (That was for comic effect.I have actually done quite a bit better than that, so thanks to all those who have used the links.)

Adding the aStore was quite simple. I created a file called astore.php in the twentyeleven themes directory (twenty eleven being the theme I am using). The content of the file is

Template Name: aStore
<iframe src="<my associate id>" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="1500"></iframe>

with my associate id in place of <my associtate id>.
I then created a new page called aStore and selected the aStore template for it. Apparently the code at the beginning of the file causes it to appear in the template list. The title and content of the page are irrelvant since the code of the template will prevent them from being displayed but the title is needed so that you have something to pick for the menu. To get the page to display I then added it to the Main menu. I expect that if you have the option set for automatically adding top level pages to the menu then you would not need to manually add it to the menu.

Update 23 Dec 2011: I have recently upgraded WordPress using the automatic function. This deleted the aStore.php file that I had created. In some respects I am pleased that it does this so that if your site has been hacked and suspect files uploaded then they will be deleted as part of the WordpRess upgrade. All I needed to do to fix the problem was replace the aStore.php file from a backup. Even if I had no backup it would not have been a problem because the instructions on how to do it all are above. 🙂

More Bradford Mill photos

Bradford BeckOver the weekend I was down by Old Canal Road and took some photos of Midland Mill and Bradford Beck. The ones taken through the windows were no good so when passing on Monday I stopped off to take some more. Across the road in a refurbished Ambler Mill were lots of office workers who watched us (Tom was with me). I think it was reasonably obvious what we were doing and I gues no one objected because we were not interupted in what we were doing.

It will be great is more of these mill buildings are refurbished. Either into offices or apartments. I think Pace have done a good job of working in Salts Mill and several people from Bradford Council have been round Salts Mill to see what has been done.

Click on the image to have a look at the other photos.

Dead sheep

I won’t bother to post a photo because it is not particularly pleasant but on Thursday lunch (1 Dec 2011) just below the weir at Saltaire, quite close to the north bank of the river, I noticed a dead sheep. It was trapped against a log with its legs draped over it.

I called into the lodge in Robert’s Park and talked about who it should reported to. I am not sure how it would be dealt with but it didn’t seem right for it to be left just next to the childrens playground. I suppose freeing it and letting it drift down to a less visible place in the river would be the most natural thing to do.

Goosander pair

Goosander pairIn the Spring I saw Goosander chicks (you can see them here on flickr) but since that time I have not seen any male Goosanders until just the other day (27th Nov) on the Leeds Liverpool canal at Baildon.

Does anyone know where the males go for the Summer?

Jumping Duck

Jumping DuckOn Thurs 24th November, Erica, Polly and I met up for lunch in Saltaire. Before having our own lunch in The Hub I scrounged some bread from there and we fed the ducks on the canal. Most of the ducks and seegulls squabbled amongst themselves over the bread but one in particular was either very hungry or less scared than all the others. It kept jumping up to snatch the bread from my hand.

I have never seen a jumping duck before. In fact if you had asked I would have said that I didn’t think they could.