Crisp November

I am still waiting for a clear and crisp day (I was hoping for one in November but I didn’t notice one) so that I can go and get a better photo of the TV masts than this one. (Click on the image to see it on flickr.) I went out today, well into December, (Christmas day next Sunday!!!) and took a few photos of pretty much the same scene but without the electricity cables. Unfortunately there was not enough light or contrast to even make the Wrose transmitters clear so it looks as though I am going to have to wait until next year before I get a clear shot..Emley MoorHowever while I was out getting cold I did see a Red Kite gliding around. I then stayed out a lot longer hoping to see more of it but it didn’t come any closer. I did manage to get this shot of it though. (Click on the image to see it on Flickr in black.)

Red Kite

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    1. The photo is taken from near Menston. 3.25 miles from Wrose and 19 miles from Emley Moor using a 500mm telephoto lens. If you ever travel along Bingley Road from Menston have a look to the left after having turned off Hilings Lane and you will see the transmitters as they appear in the photo.

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