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This is for my interests outside the family that I am happy to show to the rest of the world. It therefore tends to come down to photos I have taken when out and about. These will usually be in what I have labelled Paul’s Blog. There are also things I have learnt in my many years of photography that I think are worth sharing. In some cases they might be just be some notes I have made so I know where to find them next time I want to do something in particular in GIMP. They might not be my own work so may just be links to other sites, but one that has been very popular is about lightening shadows and darkening highlights.

I have created a few posts in Paul’s Blog where I have been quite pleased with the photos – not necessarily because of the quality, it may be because of the subject. Recent ones have been:-

  • Where I got reasonably close to a couple of Buzzards just off Hollins Hill, Baildon.
  • Photos of Hare and Roe Deer after an early start.

On this same website I have installed some genealogy software called WebTrees to display the Marfell Family Tree. This information has been collected by a whole army of people. There is only a tiny bit that I have added. It tends to evolve as new pieces of information become available that result in a re-think of how our ancestors all fitted together. I have not been party to many of these re-thinks so I apologise for the inaccuracies if I have interpreted it incorrectly. The top menu includes a link to the Family tree.

I also host and manage a website – BaildonWiki – using MediaWiki software that is intended to collect information about the history of Baildon – remembering that what happened yesterday will soon be considered history.

5 thoughts on “What’s this?”

  1. Great photos from Binbrook…my dad was stationed there at exactly when lots of these were taken…..would like to talk.. 078…..468

  2. Hi, I’m interested in the reservoirs. The link you supplied is broken. We are thinking of a similar installation of adobe bricks, to protect a clay liner on a new reservoir being made now in S. Ecuador.. Can you give me a few facts about your reservoirs. When were they built? how long did they last? why are they now being emptied? do you think the bricks served well to protect the clay lining? I would so appreciate a little more information. Thank you kindly.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I am looking for a photo to use of the Baildon Harley weekend and came across your great image. The photo would be used for an email campaign for Websters Fish & Chip shop in Baildon. Would you give permission for me to use it in the email going out to over 1500 people with a image credit on?
    Many thanks, Emma 🙂

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