Garden Twine and 4 little chicks

Last year I watched and photographed Goldfinch pulling at blades of grass in the vegetable plot and taking it off for nest building.

Today I spotted one tugging at the garden twine on the frame for the Sweet Peas. It bent down and grabbed the twine, tried nibbling on it and gave it a good tug. I think it managed to get a few strands out of it.

Four tiny chicks to feed

Last year I watched and photographed Blue Tits going to and from a nest box. This year I have a camera inside a nest box. Unfortunately I did a poor job of focusing it when I fitted it. I should have focused it above the bottom of the box. I must do a better job next year. Over the last two days four of the eggs have hatched with another four to go. Now that there are mouths to feed the male is dropping in much more frequently. Those chicks are tiny though.

The header image is one of the parents leaving the nest box. I will no doubt be posting more videos as the we go through the next couple of weeks.

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