Gill Beck after some (!) rain

Having recently been along Gill Beck and seen the stone bridge I thought I would go and have another look to see if things had changed after all the rain from storm Ciara.

The water has not been as high as I expected. I had seen the river down at Buck Lane where you couldn’t get to the footbridge because the path was under water(photos are in the pipeline) but here the photo shows how high the water got in the beck. You can see that the leaves and twigs have been washed part way up the bank in the foreground leaving fresh Wild Garlic shoots to grow in the sandy soil.

The stone bridge is still there but it looks to me as though some of the supporting soil and vegetation has been washed away. The tree at the front right of the bridge looks as though it has fallen into the water and there is a large gap with nothing supporting the stone.

The beck looks a little higher and faster than the previous week.

I did find a brick marked SUTCLIFFE that I had not seen before. A search of the internet reveals on a Bricj History site that Thomas Sutcliffe worked the Wrose Brow brick site at Windhill, Shipley c.1891 – 1912.

The header image shows blue sky with white clouds but several times while I was out that quickly changed and on one occasion I sheltered from the sleet and this photo shows that the visibility was poor as the wind blew the sleet across the golf course almost hiding the trees.

At the top end of the walk I did get sight of a pair of Swans on Tong Park Dam. I also spotted a couple of Moorhens paddling through some reeds but all the other birds were being sensible and kept out of the cold wind and rain.

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