I didn’t waste my trip to the Polling Station

I gave serious thought to either not going to the Polling Station tonight or ruining the ballot paper. To make sure that the trip was not a complete waste of time I took my camera with me – and my tripod.

The Bulls Head in Baildon has recently had a re-fit and new signs have been put up outside. I did see that they had applied for planning permission for the sign which was good. I thought the signs looked rather nice with the light shining on them.

This is on the side of the building where I am told that once upon a time you could read that it was once a temperance building of some kind.

Bulls Head, Baildon

This sign on the front is a bit different to the normal painted board and looks good with the dark of the night sky showing through.

Bulls Head, Baildon

If you try not to look at all the street furniture and bins then the evening light on the buildings can look quite nice. Having mentioned the sign outside The Bulls Head I might as well mention that the sign outside Wok This Way is much more in keeping with it being a Conservation Area than the original internally illuminated ones they put up. I think they ran foul of the planning department. Only Pharmacies are allowed to have internally illuminated signs in a Conservation Area.

Balti House & Wok This Way, Baildon

And while I was up in the village I put a cross in one of the boxes on the ballot paper. I have no idea if we will ever hear from the succesful candidate again, though I expect that they will have to create a fuss to justify their existence.

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