Making and Breaking Triangles. Stainburn, Fitzwilliam, Barnsley and Baildon

This is another post that has come about because of taking my camera with me when making and breaking triangles in the game of Ingress. Thinking about photography also helps me decide where to go when looking at triangles.

Stainburn Forest 14 Sept- part of this forest has been felled so some of it looks a bit dead at the moment but I did see Squirrels and Pheasants amongst the tree stumps. I also spotted a Sparrow Hawk flying through some of the trees and a Kestrel hovering over the fields.

The water in the 2nd photo is Lindley Wood Reservoir on the river Washburn.

I don’t need Ingress as an excuse to visit Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits Nature Area (21 Sept) but this visit was because I was passing after visiting some Ilkley portals. I have seen ducks dabbling, and Little Egret and Kingfisher fishing, but this is the first time I have seen someone with a rod in the middle of the river. There is a multitude of different wild plants in the reserve and it is also a good place to spot various fungi.

On 21 Sept I also had a walk along part of the Leeds Liverpool canal where at Gallows Bridge Moorings they were lifting a boat out of the water. At the first attempt the boat was nose heavy and they had to move some of the boats on the right so they could get the hoist in the right position on the boat.

After looking for relatively close places I haven’t visited in Ingress I decided to have a trip to Castleford 24 Sept. Whilst there the weather was OK but on the way home the skies darkened and I saw several flashes of lightening. The clouds seemed lower in the direction of home. I had just got the car in the garage when tonnes of ice fell from the sky. We have had sprinklings of hail at this time of year before but this was impressive. As you can see it knocked holes through many of the plants in the garden.

After seing too much green on the the Ingress map I decided it would be a good idea to go to Fitzwilliam Country Park 26 Sept. After getting in the car I just told the sat-nav to take me to Fitzwilliam Country Park. I guess the centre of the park was the location it assumed and so took me down what I later realised were private, concrete farm roads. Fortunately at the end of one of them was a place to park – next to the entrance of a poultry farm. There seemed to be several of them in the area. It would have been better if I had looked closer at the map and asked the sat-nav to take me to Fitzwilliam where there was a car park and proper entrance to the Country Park – but I only found that out after walking around the park for a while.

I assume the Country Park is quite new. (I have now checked the Wakefield Council website and it says it was landscaped in 1991) The trees are not very big, it has lots of brambles and Hawthorn and is quite “coppice” like, also I didn’t see much wildlife, though carrying my camera around did let me get the photo of the Swan. The journey also included visits to places like Hemsworth Water Park and Vale Head Park – where the crazy golf is very overgrown at the moment, and Grimethorpe where I met two Ingress agents on the opposing side who were busy protecting and repairing the damage I was trying to do outside the Post Office.

The trip to Barnsley was on 27 Sept. I had been to Barnsley in the game several years ago but back then it was solid blue. A visit on Sunday while it was green meant I got a few unique captures.

Late afternoon of 27 Sept I was out again in Baildon searching for some new (to me) portals in the game when I spotted Roe Deer. The last photo of the Roe Deer looks as though it has just crunched on a snail shell or tried to lick a wasp, it looks very surprised. On the 29 Sept I went looking for newish portals on the Millennium Way on Baildon Moor and spotted this Kestrel near the path.

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