Marfell Genealogy

A few months back I moved the genealogy web application to a new site on This was partly to indicate that the site was not to be thought of as mine (even though it is) but it allowed me to then look at doing a complete rehash of this site. Soon after that I replaced the php Nuke application with this WordPress install.

Though I mention the genealogy site elsewhere on this site I thought it better to create a more obvious link to it. Hence the new menu option above.

WordPress users might like to know that by default the link in the meun will open in the same window and initially there is no visible way of changing that. However, in the version I am using, there are more menu options that can be displayed. When you are on the Main Menu screen you can click on Screen Options at the top right of the screen and put a check against Link Target in Show advanced menu properties. This then allows you, when editing the menu entry, to select how you want the link to behave.

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