During the hot days we have had this month we had quite a few bees in the garden. A lot were flying from blossom to blossom as you would expect of a pollinator but quite a few were hovering over the soil of the flower beds and grass at the front of our house. (To give it a more accurate description it should be “the green bit at the front of our house and the strips of soil round the edges”.) The photo above is of one bees on the green bit.

Bee Holes

I had seen small round holes in the ground with sandy looking soil around them so I knew we had mining bees in the garden. With them flying around I decided to watch them a bit.

Orange Tailed Mining Bee

Mining Bees a solitary bees that make nests in the ground. From the photos, and looking on-line, I would say that they are Orange Tailed Mining bees. There are many kinds of mining bee and though some of them may have a sting it is not strong enough to penetrate human skin and so they can be considered harmless in that respect.

Orange Tailed Mining Bee

With some of the bees seeming to be digging where there was no nest hole I did wonder if they relied on a their sense of smell and I had disturbed the soil too much with the edge trimming I had done.

Harlequin Ladybird and Aphid husks

Earlier in the year people had commented about the high number of Aphids around. It looks as though this Harlequin has been doing its best to curb the numbers. There are a few Aphid husks around it.

Harlequin Ladybird

If there was a bumper crop of Aphids we may then get a bumper crop of Harlequin Ladybirds next year.

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