Monday at DMNR

On Monday afternoon I went down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve to see if anything interesting was happening.

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On the far side of the pond, in the reeds, I spotted movement. There was also quite a bit of noise from Blue Tits and Long Tailed Tits but I managed to get my camera on this little brown job. A Sedge Warbler. Chiffchaff. It looked as though there were at least 2 flitting around but with the other little birds around it was difficult for me to tell.

Thanks Steve for telling me that they are Chiffchaff and not Sedge Warblers. And now I have looked back at previous Sedge Warblers I have seen it is obvious.

They are not brilliant shots but I don’t often see these birds on the reserve.

Some of the leaves of the reeds look as though they are covered in insects – plenty for the birds to eat.

The pond was occupied by two adult Moorhens and five chicks. The size of the legs and feet looks ridiculous on the chicks. I assumed that the 2 and 5 were all one happy family but at one stage an adult was having a good go at one of the chicks. The adult and other chicks then moved off stage left and a few seconds later the other adult entered stage right and seemed to offer TLC and fed the chick.

The Water Lillies looked spectacular but a 600mm lens with 1.4x teleconverter on is perhaps not the best of lenses to get a photo to do them justice.

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