More Painted Ladies

I’m still enjoying the number of Painted Ladies that are visiting our garden.

To get some of these shots I tucked myself into the Buddleia so that I could get some of the light behind the wings. I quite like them.

I have also been keeping an eye out for Mint Moths on the Sage and Oregano. I spotted something tiny move in amongst the Oregano flowers. These are tiny flowers and I had to get my glasses to look closer. This Mint Moth caterpillar seemed to be moving these tiny black spheres. Are they moth eggs? Or is it caterpillar poo that it was moving out of the way of its next meal? A quick search on the internet shows that Mint Moth eggs are pale spheres. Intriguing.

With my macro lens on I was also able to take these shots. I have yet to ID the first one.

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