More Siskins and a Brambling

I sometimes wonder if my mind is just empty because today I sat outside for about an hour hardly moving. I had my camera on a mono pod nicely angled so that it was just in front of my eye. I saw a male and female Bullfinch but they did not come close to me. At one stage the male looked as though it was going to come close so I closed my left eye so I could use the viewfinder with my right eye and it flew away. From then on I kept both eyes open and switched between using my left eye to see with and using my right eye to see with. That’s an interesting exercise, you should try it sometime.

Siskins kept coming in quite close and at one time I saw a Blackcap but not close enough to photograph. But then in came a Brambling. Most Bramblings will have left the UK by now but a few stragglers still seem to be around.

Brambling, still here

Brambling, still here

This one, below, is a rather cute looking female Siskin

Cute female Siskin

And this one an aggressive male Siskin

Male Siskin being aggressive

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