No Kestrels this year. Riots at Salts Mill

On Wednesday I went along to Salts Mill to have a look at the hole in the wall that Kestrels have used as a nesting site for several years.

Unfortunately the hole looks empty. So no Kestrel chicks in the Piazza this year.

However Salts Mill and Saltaire are being used by film crews again. The entrance to Salts Mill has been redone for the duration. On the left are various sticks and rubber weapons – sledgehammers, shovels, pickaxes, etc. and an effigy of the mill owner that is going to be used in riots later on.

Over the years various bits of Salts Mill have been repaired, moved, replaced etc. In some cases no attempt was made to fit with the style of the place, such as what was where the Piazza is now.

In some cases reasonable effort has been made. The railings along by the canal has at least got the right “pointy” shape. The railing along the canal bridge is also the same general shape but has a much sharper finish than the original railing further up.

I don’t know what “New” might mean in terms of year. I assume it means later than 1960s.

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