Nuthatch in Robert’s Park

I am still waiting to get my clear and colourful Goldcrest shot in Robert’s Park. Perhaps I will have to wait for the Spring and mating season. However I still get to see plenty of wildlife in the park. I have yet to see how much lunch-time walking I do now that the foosball machine has been repaired in the Pace Hub. Perhaps I will have the will power to alternate.

As usual click on the image to see it larger on Flickr.

On one of my recent walks through the park (23 Nov 2012) I stood near one of the Yew trees that I had seen a Goldcrest in before. No Goldcrest, but several Nuthatches moved about the trees. It was difficult to say how many because you only see one at a time but I would say that there were 3 around me. They often stay on the tree trunk or the larger branches so I had to get almost under the tree. Watching them move around the tree you could see how the long beak helps them find food in the deep crevices between the pieces of bark.

A nice shot of a Nuthatch in Robert's Park

During all this I could hear a Wren making a racket. It is amazing how such a small bird can make such a loud noice. It was so insistent that I had to go and look for it. I could see leaves moving on the edge of a Holly bush but expected the bird to disappear into the centre of the tree as I approached. This one stayed visible for a few seconds before flying off to the next tree.

A Wren in a Holly bush in Robert's Park

Quite a few Mistle Thrush and Redwings were flying from tree to tree and this is one I got on the way back to work.

Mistle Thrush, Roberts's Park. Very noisy birds.

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