What’s this?

This site is for my interests outside the family that I am happy to show to the rest of the world.

It is made up of 5 areas. My Blog, Photography related pages, pages about Places and two links to other websites of mine:- Marfell Family Tree and BaildonWiki.

  • Blog : a blog containing photos I have taken while out and about. To fit with the blog idea these posts are sorted by date with the most recent first.
    Painted Lady
  • Photography: a collection of pages that tend to be about the subject of photography or image processing or equipment or ideas. They are therefore presented in a different way to the blog.
  • Places: Pages giving some details of the places I have visited over the years. This is a way of bringing together some of the photos of particular places I like.
  • Genealogy: I have installed some genealogy software called WebTrees to display the Marfell Family Tree. This information has been collected by a whole army of people.
  • BaildonWiki – This is a separate website using MediaWiki software that I host and manage. It is intended to collect information about the history of Baildon – remembering that what happened yesterday will soon be considered history.