Day 58 in our garden

What a scorching day for Day 58 in this series. Lovely blue skies and plenty of Sun. We have two new things for Day 58.

Carpet Beetle on Oregano in our garden

When I had confirmed the ID of this tiny creature on the Oregano in the garden I thought I would use its “proper” name to avoid any bad thoughts about it being around, but I am not sure that Anthrenus verbasci is any better than Carpet Beetle. At least it was in the far side of the garden. We probably have them in the house though.

Black Headed Gull from our garden

New species number two for this day was a Black Headed Gull flying over the house.

The Runner Beans have only been in the garden for a few days but they already have bugs on them, like this Shield Bug. The header image is also this Shield Bug.

The remnants of the gape at the edges of the beak of this bird shows that it is a juvenile. It is also a little less grey than the other Dunnocks around.

Dandelion Clock in our garden

I should really be a bit more vigilant and pick these before they start shedding their seeds.

Centipede in our garden

This Centipede was in bright sunshine so was a bit easier to photograph than when I first posted one in this series.

Here’s Day 57 in our garden.

Day 57 in our garden

I got so involved in putting together the re-cap list for Day 56 that I neglected to include the photos that I took during that day. They were not new things so I still needed the re-cap but that was no reason to exclude them so I have been back and added added them. I have therefore also removed them from the end of this post.

The new thing for Day 57 is this Violet. It has been flowering for quite a few days but until today the flowers looked bent or funny shapes. This one is the first time it looked presentable.

I know I have posted photos of Ants before but this is really a new one, an Ant’s Nest with Larvae and thousands of Ants. During the day I pulled a decent sized blue planter out from under the arbour so that we could replant it. When I lifted it out I noticed more ants under it than I would expect. I put it down to get a better hold of it and noticed even more Ants under it. I then, with difficulty, held it away from me and took it over to the corner of the garden to empty it. The compost I tipped out looked like good stuff but the surface of it was moving and had what looked like hundreds of little white grains of rice all over it. As I watched the surface continued to move and so did the “grains”. Slowly they disappeared into the compost. It was only when I looked closer that I could see the Ants and that the grains were their Larvae. Most of the Ants were the same colour as the compost and in the places where there were lots of them the movement of their antenna and legs made the compost look as though it had fur. I felt uncomfortable standing over it and getting close with my camera. Quite soon the Larvae were back inside the compost and the clump had developed several radiating lines of Ants following “tracks”.

The transplanted Pink Geraniums are still doing well.

The Blue Tit on the nest box has a juicy caterpillar in its beak.

Here’s Day 56 in our garden.

Day 56 in our garden (re-cap/index)

Time for a re-cap. Nothing new today. In this post I will list the new items photographed each day starting at Day 1. I am still adding some photos taken during the day but they are not new things for the series. I will also make a copy of this post and turn it into an index page for the series but I will have to add an image or two to give it a bit of appeal.

When I first created this post I added no images other than a Hedgehog for the header image. Two days after creating it I decided to use photos taken during the day. You have to scroll a long way down to get to the photos in this post. The header image is of one of the Blue Tits using the nest box.

I have not missed a day since I started this so I am quite pleased with that. I am now considering the options for ending. I could just stop. . . . . but there are still lots of new things coming along in our garden. Something new everyday is getting a bit difficult now though. For instance it will be a few weeks before the Runner Beans are covered in Red flowers, I only planted them out during this day – Day 56. There is also the Buddleia being covered in flowers and butterflies to look forward to.

Day 1 in our garden was Tortoiseshell Butterfly, Comma Butterfly, Peacock Butterfly and Long Tailed Tit.

Day 2 in our garden was Blue Tits at the nest box.

Day 3 in our garden was Goldfinch and Greenfinch.

Day 4 in our garden was Squirrel, Celandine, Bleeding Heart, Cherry buds, Forget Me Not, Bee Hoverfly, Orange Tail Bumble Bee

Day 5 in our garden was Blackbird, Great Tit, Dunnock and Magpie.

Day 6 in our garden was Robin and Wood Pigeon.

Day 7 in our garden was Crows.

Day 8 in our garden was Centipeded, Millipede, Woodlouse, Leaf Hopper, Snail and Slug.

Day 9 in our garden was Tawny Mining Bee and Spider.

Day 10 in our garden was Dandelion, Cuckoo Bee (Nomada flava)

Day 11 in our garden was Ant and Hedgehog poo,

Day 12 in our garden was Coal Tit.

Day 13 in our garden was Red Kite and Worm.

Day 14 in our garden Moth, Helicopter, Buzzard, Grub and Rosemary Beetle.

Day 15 in our garden was Jackdaw.

Day 16 in our garden was Honey Bee, Cherry Blossom (White & Pink), the Moon, Collared Dove and Bullfinch.

Day 17 in our garden was a re-cap and Light Brown Apple Moth ID..

Day 18 in our garden was Field Mouse, Clematis Alpina and Clematis Montana.

Day 19 in our garden was Hawthorn, Holly Blue Butterfly (???) and Orange Tip Butterfly (???).

Day 20 in our garden was Convolvulus, Iberis, Daisy, Choisya and Viburnum.

Day 21 in our garden was Caterpillar.

Day 22 in our garden was Green Veined White Butterfly, Ashy Grey Mining Bee and Rook.

Day 23 in our garden was Chiffchaff and Sparrowhawk.

Day 24 in our garden was Sphaeridium lunatum Beetle

Day 25 in our garden was Hoverfly.

Day 26 in our garden was Jay.

Day 27 in our garden was Large White Butterfly.

Day 28 in our garden was nothing new.

Day 29 in our garden was Small White Butterfly and a Cargo Plane.

Day 30 in our garden was Hedgehog.

Day 31 in our garden was Shield Bug and Long Horned Beetle.

Day 32 in our garden was a re-cap of birds so far – 21 species.

Day 33 in our garden was Grey Heron, Small Flying Insect (??) and Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Day 34 in our garden was Wild Arum.

Day 35 in our garden was Gracillaria syringella Moth and Ajuga Reptans.

Day 36 in our garden was Bluebells.

Day 37 in our garden was Gull.

Day 38 in our garden was Rosemary, Chive and House Fly.

Day 39 in our garden was RAF Airbus A400.

Day 40 in our garden was Herb Robert and Buttercup.

Day 41 in our garden was Hedge Garlic and Aphids.

Day 42 in our garden was nothing new.

Day 43 in our garden was Hebe pinguifolia Pagei.

Day 44 in our garden was Swift, Weather Balloon, Hoverfly (different variety)

Day 45 in our garden was United Airlines.

Day 46 in our garden was Police Helicopter. And a Daisy video.

Day 47 in our garden was Wild Strawberry and Rose.

Day 48 in our garden was nothing new – attempts at Blue Tits in flight.

Day 49 in our garden was nothing new – more attempts at Blue Tits in flight.

Day 50 in our garden was Pink Geranium.

Day 51 in our garden was a re-cap of Moths and Butterflies.

Day 52 in our garden was Lilac.

Day 53 in our garden was Hebe parahebe.

Day 54 in our garden was Albertine Rose and Juvenile Robin.

Day 55 in our garden was nothing new – a Great Tit in the conservatory.

Day 56 in our garden is this page. Photos taken during the day are below. They are all of species or things that have been seen before, on other days, during this series.

Though the main drive of this series of posts is to showcase something new each day these photos are all of species or things seen before but I quite like them.

Here’s Day 55 in our garden.

Day 55 in our garden

I know the series is Day xx in our garden so technically this shouldn’t count but I can stretch it a bit and say that the conservatory is in our garden.

The header image, and the one above, is of a Great Tit in our conservatory. I decided I needed to give it some help so I had to catch it and take it outside to let it go. I had a little look at it in my hands and it looked back at me quite content. Prior to that it was quite flustered as I tried to get hold of it. It would probably have eventually found its own was out but it did keep hitting the windows rather hard for such a tiny head. It also looks as though it has been finding cobwebs under the sofa.

To finish Day 55 I have added a wider photo of the Chives in our garden than the others I have posted, which is not as exciting as chasing a bird around the conservatory.

Here’s Day 54 in our garden.

Day 54 in our garden

I am surprised this is still going. New things are still showing themselves, not in the numbers of the early days when everything was new, but I guess Spring is helping. It might be coming to an end for 2 reasons:-

  • Nothing new shows itself for a few days, or
  • I decide it is time I left the garden.

I really want to get up onto Baildon Moor with my camera. Denso Marston Nature Reserve and the river are out for the time being until I am happier walking along the narrower paths even though it is within easy walking distance.

For Day 54 we have something new that has sort of been in before.

I have posted several pictures of Robins (Day 6 was the first time in this series) but this one is new, as in the Robin is new. It is a juvenile not yet displaying the red breast of an Adult.

Staying with birds; I have set my camera up a few times now to allow me to take photos of the Blue Tits using the nest box. One of the downsides of that is that my camera is not to hand to get photos of other things like the Large Red Damselfly that landed on a Sage leaf for a few seconds. The photo above shows one of the adults with an obligatory faecal sack in its beak.

I have posted photos of Roses before but this is the first flower on the Albertine Rose, it is high up and pointing up slightly so it is not the best way to display what is a nice Rose. It is hidden by leaves from an upstairs window, so that is the best I can do without getting the ladders out. Most of the stems on the Chive have flowers on now and are making a nice little display. The transplanted Geraniums have several flowers on now so they all seem to have survived the ordeal. The one I added to Day 50 now has an open flower next to it. You can see that they are different ages from the way the centre stamens and stigma are developed.

Here’s Day 53 in our garden.

Day 53 in our garden

I know its tiny but see below for what is new for Day 53. The header image though is another shot of next door’s Lilac, it is just solid colour.

This is another tiny plant and flower in our garden, Hebe parahebe. It is so easy to miss but when you get down and look at it it is really nice. You have to get close though, the flowers are only about 8mm across.

I had a look around for Mint Moths again. Nothing showing on the Sage or Oregano but I did spot a couple of Rosemary Beetles tucked down in the Sage.

Here’s Day 52 in our garden.