A Crow with white feathers

I have heard, and seen photos, of birds that have feathers that are not normal colours, not normal for the species that is. This is the first time I have seen them for myself.

To me this looks like a Crow with white wing feathers.

Crow with white feathers

As usual you can click on the image to view it larger and also see some others of the same bird on flickr.

I spotted this bird on the other side of the river from Denso Marston Nature Reserve on 14th April 2012.

Day 21 – Steam

I can’t let myself miss a day for this @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoaday challenge (read my first post on it here – marfell.me.uk/wordpress/?p=266) so here is my photo for today –


Not only did the coffee fail to steam as hoped but it also failed to form a nice crema. At least the photo fits two of the criteria – it was taken in Bradford and it was taken on day 21.

It tasted nice though. 🙂

Day 20 – Filtered Water

The word for the day was Water (read my first post about the challenge here – marfell.me.uk/wordpress/?p=266) so at lunch-time (which was at a much more sensible time of around 1:00pm today) I went to the Robert’s Park side of the weir on the River Aire. This picture is the result –


To get this I used the minimum aperture on the lens of f22, the slowest ISO setting of 100 and a Variable Neutral Density Filter on the lens to give a shutter speed of 1/2 second. I took quite a few shots because it was difficult (impossible) to tell how blurred the water was by looking at the screen on the camera. This is the one that gave me the amount of motion blur I was looking for.

The variable filter is a new addition to my camera bag. I had never used neutral density filters before getting this one and had not even read about variable one. It seemed worth trying one though. It does what I wanted it to do quite niceley and it is more than likely that I will be using it more over the Summer.

The rotating part of the filter has an index on it that you are supposed to keep within the markings on the fixed part of the filter. If you go much beyond the marks then the exposure over the frame becomes patchy – some areas are very dark and others lighter. However, if you stay within the marks it seems to do what it says on the tin.

One difference between this and the normal style of neutral density filters
is that you don’t know how many stops a particular setting represents. This means that you have to rely on your camera exposure meter with the filter fitted. You can of course bracket the exposures.

However one advantage is that you can adjust it until you get the shutter speed and aperture that you are looking for. It will be interesting to see if it gives me the required number of stops difference on other subjects.

Day 19 – Film

For the @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoady challenge (read my first post on it here – marfell.me.uk/wordpress/?p=266) I have submitted a photo of one of the last film canisters I used before going digital in about 2001 with and Olympus C200Z.


The canister is a Kodak Gold Ultra ISO 400 35mm 36 exposure colour print film. The neagatives are from a ISO 100 print film a few years earlier.

Earlier in the day I had thoughts about photographing an oil film on water but did not have any time to experiment. Before I set off to work I tried some WD40 on a puddle – it just made a lot of speckles. I also tried a drop of bike chain oil in the same puddle – that just stayed as a little green droplet. I probably needed something like petrol but I was not going to syphon any out of Kathie’s car.

I managed to get a quick lunch-time walk (at about 15:10) along the river and canal where I looked for oil films around the few barges that were moored. Even if any of them were leaking anything it wouldn’t have shown because the wind and rain was roughing up the surface too much. And I wasn’t that keen on getting wet and cold in the process.

I did think I had an even older (a lot older) 120 roll film in one of the drawers but I couldn’t find it. That would have been a little more interesting for those whose music has always come on small silvery disks or off the internet.

Day 18 – My Journey

This is a simple posting compared to some of the others. Day 18 (more than 1/2 way through) had me taking a few photos of my journey to work. Normally I would only submit one photo for @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoaday (see here for my first posting on the subject – marfell.me.uk/wordpress/?p=266) but today I put several images together to show that I can get to work and have substantial parts of my journey free of other things (cars, people, bikes, buses etc.) other than Swans, Mallards, Goldfinch, Crows, Jackdaws, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Oyster Catchers, Bluetits, Great tits, Greylag Geese, Mandarins, Wood duck, Wren, Robin and a few others that I can’t recognise.