59 ways to say the two words….

It was the Harley Davidson Rally in Baildon over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

As usual I went up for the 1:00pm ride out on Sunday which is a great experience. Hundreds of people turn up to watch them all ride out.

This time I was looking for a different way to take photos. I took a few of the crowd. A few of Angela Jackson who works at Pace and is often at the front of the ride out on her Harley. But these photos are the slightly different view.

If you want you can view slightly higher res ones on flickr here

Is this “I’ll take my Harley to the grave.”?

Life in the Hedge. Denso Nature Reserve walk

I have been on several guided walks at the Denso Marston Nature Reserve conducted by the Warden Steve Warrilow.

Saturday 18 August was titled Life in the Hedge and started at 10:15am. Because of all the rain we have been having our insect life is not as abundant and apparent as it often is at this time of year but we still found lots to look at. The most interesting ones are in the last couple of photos but don’t jump to the end.

Some of the early ones were a couple of moths that Steve put in plastic dishes so that we could have a good look at them before putting them back. As usual you can click on the photo to see a larger version on Flickr.

This one is a Copper Underwing according to scarbylee, one of my Twitter contacts, or possibly a Svensson’s Copper Underwing.


The next two photos are of a Lesser Swallow Prominent moth



On a tree in the same location we also saw this caterpillar


As you might expect we also saw several sp***r like creatures. The first was a Harvestman. Here is a link to a photo of it so only click on it if you are happy seeing such things – photo

Another insect collected after a while was a Shield Bug (Palomena prasina)

Shield Bug

There were also several other insects that in typical style I have forgotten the name of:-

An insect that has a name

An insect!

The Buddleia near the pond had several Comma butterflies on it

Comma Butterfly

Comma Butterfly

and several other insects. My thoughts were that this is a Bee but it has no antenna so is it a Hover Fly? But I thought Hover Flies were not hairy.


Also by the pond were some White butterflies on the Willowherb. But what kind of White butterfly?

Large White

During the walk we saw several Dragonflies. After the walk I waited around the bridge over the pond and was rewarded with some great views of Brown Hawkers in flight

Brown Hawker in Flight

and laying their eggs. I like the reflection of the wings in this.


Brown Hawker

There were also loads of Azure blue damselflies around the gorgeous lilies. Some of them mating.

Blue damselfly

Blue damselflies

On the pond there was a Water Sp***r that walked across a lily leaf and then went under water. Do not click on this link if you don’t like sp***rs – photo.

There were also lots of Pond Skaters flitting about the surface of the pond.

Pond Skater

At this time a couple of Moorhens came out to feed too though with the size of the pond they are soon hidden in the vegetation when they catch sight of people.



Just before setting off for home – it looked as though it was going to rain heavily – a Southern Hawker(???) started landing on the edge of the pond in the grass and started laying egggs.

Southern Hawker

Southern Hawker?

If you are interested in taking part in any of these walks then you can see the schedule on their website or view the calendar on the Baildon Village website or follow @BaildonVillage

April photos

I took part in the April #bradfordphotpaday challenge that was created by @hiddenbradford and managed to submit a photo for each day based on the word of the day. All my photos were uploaded to my flickr account and a link to them posted on twitter with a mention of @hiddenbradford and the tag #bradfordphotoaday. From day 3 I also created a daily blog post starting here apart from day 28 and 29 which were combined due to the way I found my subject.

The images I submitted can be seen in my April Photo a Day set on flickr here and you can see others that I took as possibilities in this set on flickr.

This is one of my favourites from the challenge.


It is perhaps not the photo itself that I like but the fact that this small bridge is only a few yards from the Otley Road bridge over Gill Beck and that I had not seen it before that weekend. This is where there used to be Clifton Mill and cottage. You can still see the tiles from the hearth of the cottage and a few lines of stones where the walls were. You can read about this in the Turnpike Walk Heritage Trail that you can doenload from the documents section of the Baildon Parish Council website. These trail booklets were written by people in the Baildon Local History Society and are illustrated either by excellent drawings by Roy Lorraine-Smith or photos. I did the layout of the booklets. The funding to get this project off the ground came from Baildon Parish Council and they are available in hard copy from Baildon Library for £1.00 each.

Migrating websites

In the past I have complained to my host provider about the server frequently getting blacklisted. I even subscribed to AOL feedback loop so that I got to see when AOL subscribers were reporting the server for email abuse. Several times there were particular domains getting mentioned that suggested that their hosting account was being used for SPAM. Also particular domain were not being very good with newsletters and several subscribers were reporting them through the Feedback loop – perhaps the unsubscribe link didn’t work, or they had never subscribed in the first place. I understand that they dealt with some of the infrigements. Occasionally it was suggested that I was transfrred to a different server that had a better reputation i.e. the people who were hosted on it tended to behave. But when I mentioned that I had a reseller account the suggestion was withdrawn.

Anyway after one particular incident the suggestion of migrating to a different server was not withdrawn so I decided to go ahead with it. So the other friday afternoon the content of my sites were transferred to another server.

Previously the database had been on a different server – now it was on localhost. The database connection details are usually held in a configuration file somewhere so the applications know how and what to connect to. So in a few spare minutes on Friday night I started changing the database connection details – from web10 to localhost, only to find that things did not work.

The application files on all the sites had been transferred but only one site had its database copied across. And because I had just told them to get on with it I didn’t have a backup.

Fortunately the database on the original server was still accessible by the hosting company so they put an SQL database export from all the sites on an FTP server for me.

I only had to split the SQL scripts of one of the sites into manageable chunks but it was not until later that I was told that the majority of the Friends of Baildon Moor Information for Users posting was missing. After a bit of investigating I found that strage left and right single quotes that Word puts into a document was to blame. Changing the left and right single quotes to normal escaped single quotes fixed the issue.

Hopefully this is all part of getting things fixed so that i now have a long and uneventful hosting experience.

Day 30 – Street. And street views of Saltaire.

I had thought that my photo for Street, which is Day 30 of the @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoaday challenge, would be a line of cherry trees disappearing into the distance with them all laden with blossom. A nice image but the reality was sadly lacking.

Our cherry tree is in blossom (which is my photo for the start of the May challenge – taken with my phone) but the Wrose Road trees are not in bloom. Was it last year that they were all pruned so they are struggling to blossom or is it just a few days too early? I guess that Wrose Road does not qualify as a street either, and it is avenues that are tree lined, not streets. Streets are cobbled – hence my submission for the last day of April is Albert Terrace.

Albert Terrace

And Yes, that is a terrace but all (?) the streets of Saltaire end there.

  • William Henry St
  • George St
  • Amelia/Ada St
  • Edward/Helen St
  • Fanny/Mary St
  • Herbert/Whitlam St and
  • Albert St Rd

As you can see from the photo, Herbert St ends there.

Considering the weather we had over the weekend the sky on Monday was amazing, or should I just say that the sky on Monday was amazing? I spent lunch-time walking the streets (Note that. Streets!) of Saltaire and took several photos.

I composed this one of Lockwood St to try and make the most of the telephone wires. Telephone wires have been underground for many years – but not in Saltaire.

Telephone wires

And just for the record I have not done any heavy editing of the sky.

This is another one showing telephone wires streaming from the telegraph pole, and a red telephone box. This is Edward Street, with Baildon in the background.

Edward St

By this time I think I was using my polarising filter to take some of the reflection off the road and add more contrast to the clouds.

This one is taken on Fanny St that then leads to Mary St and Upper Mary St before it ends at Saltatire Road. It crosses over Caroline St and Titus St.

Fanny Sy

This is the junction of Caroline St and George St with the United Reform Church in the background and Baildon Moor behind that.

Caroline St

This one is looking up George St.

George St

And the last one is of Titus St.

Titus St

I think several of these show off the architecture of Saltaire quite well. Note there are lots of TV aerials and telephone wires but no satellite dishes. Does broadband come via the overhead telephone wires I wonder?

I have enjoyed doing these blogs for the #bradfordphotoaday challenge for April but I will not be able to keep it up for May. I think the May challenge will be an experiment in using the camera on my phone. I will still be going out to get photos of Kestrels etc.

Weekend Shooting

Over the weekend I went out to get photos for the @hiddenbradford challenge of Wood and Bridge but what was nice was coming across 2 Roe Deer in the fields on Hollins Hill.

As usual you can click on the images to view them in black on Flickr. You can then view all sizes on Flickr.

Deer 1

Going up Hollins Hill there is a narrow grass verge on the left and hedging and wire fencing. After spotting two deer in the fields I tried to hide behind the hedges and rest the camera on the wire. Cars and wagons were thundering past just behind me and I would have thought this would create enough noise and flashing to prevent the deer from seeing me. Nope. Almost immediately the one in the nearest field lifted its head and looked straight at me. It went back to eating but how did it spot me? I watched it for a couple of minutes and also kept looking across to the next field down where another deer was eating. After a while the deer in the far field started running, leapt the wall, and ran towards the other deer which then ran off. They both leapt the wall into Elm Wood.

Deer 2

As part of the exploring I did for Wood and Bridge I also went on the East side of Otley Road behind the old Fellmongers building – which is now a burnt out shell and took this photo of the Otley Road bridge over Gill Beck. I quite like this photo. Looking through the arch, on the left, you can just see part of the footbridge over the beck.

Otley Road Bridge

These shots, along with the Blue Bells, are myfavorites of the weekend shooting.

Blue Bells