Potter Pits, 8 Aug

I had a look at Potter Pits, Shipley Station Butterfly Meadow and the site of the cinema on Thursday.

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Walking along the narrow entrance to Potter Pits I saw a few butterflies but they quickly flew away but at about the same time I heard and then saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the top of one of the trees.

Until I got a bit closer I did wonder whether these Small Copper butterflies were Small Skippers. They are a similar colour and around the same size. At one point I did get close to some Ragwort that had both a Small Copper and a Small Skipper but the Skipper skipped off before I could get a photo.

I could hear a few birds around other than the Woodpecker, mainly Blackbirds over towards Bradford Beck, but I could also hear Grasshoppers. I got down low and moved slowly along the path until I saw a Grasshopper hop. I carefully followed it and managed to get a few photos of it. There seemed to be quite a few about so it is possible that these three photos are not all of the same one. A couple of times it did seem to know I was there and was quite good at hiding round the other side of what it was holding.

I didn’t spend long in Potter Pits and on the way out I spotted this Large White butterfly. On the edge of the path I spotted this black wasp with orange legs. There are several species apparently and I am no expert to try and pin the ID down any further. At the same time I looked up and was surprised to see quite a few gulls milling around. I think most of them are Black Headed Gulls.

Before going over to Potter Pits I also had a look at the site of the Glen Royal cinema on Briggate where this 19? Spot Harlequin Ladybird was seen. Feel free to update me if any of my IDs are wrong. Teasels are also on the site.

After looking at the cinema site I also had a walk around the Shipley Station Butterfly Meadow and spotted new looking Burnet Moth cocoons and Cinnabar Moth caterpillars. I have yet to see a Burnet Moth caterpillar. I admit to not knowing whether it is too early to see fresh cocoons.

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