Potter Pits, Shipley

I have had another visit to Shipley Station Butterfly Meadow which was still teeming with Burnet Moths. This time I didn’t spot any Common Blue butterflies. I then went under the railway arch into what I now understand to be called Potter Pits. I would like more information about how this got its name, always assuming I have got it right.

Under the second archway I noticed that the colour of the water in the beck was not “normal”. It was certainly polluted with something, it looked like someones washing machine had drained into it. I took a photo and phoned the Environment Agency. I later follwed the Beck down to Poplar Road and I reckon the water was the same colour there.

Plenty of Burnet moths were in the field

Plenty of Ringlet and Skippers were around and a few Meadow Brown and Tortoiseshell.

Several other flying insects were around. Many I have no idea what they were, but these I at least know a little about though I have not specified what kind of Bee.

Once you start looking you start seeing other things. Like these Cinnabar Moth caterpillars. Once you have seen one the next one seems easier to spot even though it was in amongst yellow flowers.

I could here Grasshoppers a few paces in front of me but they seemed to go quiet as I approached so I started to take things slowly and quietly. I did notice a few things going through the air from grass stalk to grass stalk so I looked carefully where I had seen one go. The first photo shows that their colour is a pretty good match for where they are. What surprised me was that the ones I saw were all looking up towards the sky but after landing they shuffled backwards down the stalk they were clinging to.

While looking closely for Grasshoppers I spotted this Shieldbug. I have seen plenty of Shieldbugs in the past but they have all been green and brown/black. This one is a strange combination of colours. I have been informed that it is a Hairy Shieldbug and a quick search confirms it.

It was during this walk that I went down the path from Otley Road, next to Crossley Evans entrance, down to Station Road and found out that the people at Just Desserts on Station Road were preparing for a visit by Princess Anne later that day. She also visited Texfelt of Bradford on the same day.

The entrances to this area are at the top and bottom of this map. Through the archway of the railway bridge over Briggate or through the gap in the wall on Valley Road right next to the railway bridge.

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