Private Fishing

The sign is still being eaten.

This sign has been on the tree for a few years now. I don’t know what caused it to start to be devoured by the tree but it is a very slow process.

The tree, and sign, can be seen from the North end of the footbridge over the River Aire at Robert’s Park, Saltaire.

As usual you can click on the image to see it larger on Flickr.

Private Fishing

The tree is close to where an Archimedes Screw generator is planned and may be felled in the not too distant future so I thought I would get another shot of it, though I must admit to not having followed the progress of the planning application so it might be there for a few years yet. I hope the generator goes ahead.   I have taken other photos of the same sign over a number of years. This one from March 2011. Fishing signs, Saltaire 

And another from March  

New sign

This one from just a few months earlier in January 2011 before the second sign was put up.

Private Fishing sign

And this one in August 2002

Private Fishing sign

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