Purple Hairstreak on a Friday

The last week or so I seem to have been taking photos of butterflies more than anything else. Our Buddleia has been teeming with them. Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admirals, Large Whites, Green Veined Whites and dozens of Painted Ladies. We have also had a few Holly Blues high up in the Hawthorn.

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This then got me thinking about other butterflies so on Friday afternoon I decided to go along to Shipley Glen where the Oak trees towards the top edge of Bracken Hall Crag are just at the right height to look for Purple Hairstreak butterflies from the rocks along Bracken Hall Green.

They took a little searching out; Purple Hairstreaks are small. I did see one with its wings together walking along a tiny branch but I would not have noticed it without having watched it walk off a leaf onto the branch. If they spend time under leaves or on branches then they would probably have stayed hidden from me. You are also limited to looking at a small part of the tree that is close to the rocks at the edge of Shipley Glen. Any further up in the canopy and I would have needed a good pair of binoculars to find them.

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