River, Canal & Buck Mill

I have been down to the river Aire with my camera a couple of times this month. On the first trip I managed to spot Kingfisher, Bullfinch and a few other birds, plenty of Mallard and a few Goosander. The second trip was earlier in the day because I wanted to get to Buck Mill with the sun a bit higher in the sky but when I got down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve I decided to take the long way.

As usual you can click on the images below to view them and others within the album on flickr.


At one of the bird feed stations at the reserve rats were the most frequent visitors. They have made several tunnels under one of the feeding tables.


Robins, like this ringed one, didn’t seem too put off by the rats.


Nor did the Dunnocks. Up in the trees were quite a few Longtailed Tit flitting along.


While watching a few moving through the trees I heard a pair of Goldcrests so I spent a bit of time watching and trying to get a photo. They just do not stop moving so it is not easy.

This one, and another two in the album on flickr, are rotated left by 90 degrees. For some reason the photos didn’t look natural with the bird stuck on the side of the branch.

Ex Package Air Conditioning

When I said I took the long way I meant that I walked along the river to Lower Holme, Baildon and crossed the river behind Wickes onto Dock Lane and onto the canal bank. On the opposite side of the canal there used to be a company called PACE (Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment). It is now a housing development with their back gardens dropping down to the canal.


This part of the canal is where Swans have been known to nest. Let’s hope that the canal bank grows back and allows them to nest and breed again.

Soon after passing Metalbox along the canal you can see evidence of where bulldozers have ripped through the ground between the canal and the river. There appears to have been a lot of clearing done under the electricity pylons and a new timber supported, presumably lower voltage feed branched off. The route of the new one has meant gouging a chunk out of the side of the river valley. This leads down to and over the footpath between the river and canal at the end of Buck Lane and through the site of Buck Mill. Some of the ruins of Buck Mill have been disturbed. Hopefully there will be no more damage, a point reported on by the T & A.


This is the view from under the pylon at Buck Mill.

Buck Mill Ruins

With some of the clearing that has been done it is easier to see some of the Buck Mill ruins

Buck Mill Ruins

The route of the goit can be seen.

Buck Mill Ruins

Many of the building’s stones are covered with a thick coat of lichen.

Buck Mill Ruins

This is the remains of one of the walls at right-angles to the canal.

Buck Lane Bridge

After wandering about the ruins for a few minutes I then walked across the bridge and home.

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  1. We did similar walk yesterday on river from Greens gym over Buck lane bridge and back on canal to To Dockfield Road, wildlife count was 2 herons 1 kingfisher, 3 deer, 2 swans, and 2 squirrels lovely walk.

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