Rodley Nature Reserve, Wed 17 June

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon at Rodley Nature Reserve. One of the rather nice things there is two Little Egrets.

It looks like they would have no problem licking their elbows.

If you could be in any doubt about the ID of this bird it is confirmed when you see their rather striking yellow feet.

Several Grey Heron were also around but not showing much interest in things. I assume that when they stand motionless appearing to ignore everything that they have eaten.

The gallery above shows a few of the other things spotted during my visit. The behaviour of the Moorhen was unusual.

At one point I noticed a Sedge Warbler with food so I tried to keep my eyes open.

But it was almost an hour before I saw a Sedge Warbler flitting about again. I tried to watch where it was going to and coming from and eventually managed to spot 2 chicks. They are a little way apart and it was a little while before I started to see the others.

Two became three and then four. The adults were busy going to and from with insects.

When an adult came near they stretched both their legs and their beaks.

It is not often that I see Sedge Warblers so I have struggled to narrow down the photos I took.

The gallery above is a collection of the chicks quietly waiting and then gaping as an adult came in with flies. I could easily have spent more time watching if it wasn’t for the fact that the gate locking time was fast approaching.

The map shows the extent of the area you can see over but does not represent the area you have access to.

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