Rothwell Country Park to Kippax

Today’s trip out to get some Ingress unique portal visits was to Rothwell Country Park and beyond. I have been into Rothwell on a few occasions and driven past Kippax on Selby Road but today I went into Rothwell Country Park, through Woodlesford, Oulton, Swillington, Great Preston and onto Kippax.

I took my camera with me into Rothwell Country Park but was a bit disappointed in the lack of wild Life. I still took a a few photos though. I was also disappointed in the way the place now seems neglected. At one time there was a sculpture trail and various installations but a lot is now overgrown. If someone know otherwise and can point me in the right direction I could give it another go.

Stone Egg Mould

This is a massive chocolate coloured egg next to its opened stone mould. Or is it a fossilised dinosaur’s egg broken out of the rock?


I kept quiet by these bullruses for a few minutes hoping to see a few birds but the only ones of note were a couple of Red Kite circling in the distant sky.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

This Speckled Wood butterfly was sunning itself near the teazles. It’s not the best of shots; using a 150-500 mm zoom lens is not the best of ways to photograph butterflies.


I must admit that there seemed to be quite a wide variety of plants growing, but I know even less about plants than I do birds. I guess that could be one of the advantages of it not being over managed.

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