Salt’s Mill Kestrels 18 June 2018

Yesterday I had a reminder about a Kestrel photo I published on the same date 8 years earlier so I decided to go along to Salt’s Mill to see if anything Kestrel related was happening this year. At first I could see nothing happening in their previous nest hole but was told that people had both seen and heard Kestrels this year.

I went up the stairwell to the entrance of Salt’s Diner and looked along the full length of the Piazza. At first it looked as though there was nothing in the nest hole but then I saw movement. That’s one chick head.

And this shot shows that there are at least 2 chicks. I had been worried that I had missed them because in previous years they had fledged within a few days of this date.

This shot was taken in 2011 of the same nest hole but one month earlier (19 May 2011)

And this is what they looked like by 1 June 2011.

It was a similar story in 2010. This photo was taken 12 June.

And by 15 June 2010 they looked almost ready to go.

I have an album of Kestrel photos with most of them taken at Salts Mill that you can see here.

I have also posted several times on here about Kestrels at Salts Mill:-

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