Saturday Afternoon at Denso 2 Feb 2019

Being retired I try to keep the weekends for those that work, but on Saturday the sunshine and sky kept pulling at me, I gave in and went out in the afternoon. Usually I go down the path that is opposite the lay-by at the end of the path from Hoyle Court Rd. but this means that the afternoon sun can be in my eyes. This time I decided to go down to the river via the path next to Teledyne so the sun would be over my right shoulder when walking down river.

With the work that National Powergrid had done, the other side of the river looks a lot more open, but it is still difficult to spot things unless they are making a noise or moving.

Roe Deer

Fortunately these three Roe Deer were sauntering along on the other side so I spotted them. They didn’t seem too worried about me keeping up with them.

Roe Deer

They even settled down for a while. Four o’clock in the afternoon seemed a bit early to be settling down for the night.

Roe Deer

Even though they were resting they still kept alert.

Roe Deer

After a few minutes they were on the move again, still going down river until they were spooked, they turned and then off they went, bounding along, up the slope, and disappeared. Someone in the next field with a free-running dog may have been the cause


A male Kestrel perched at the top of a tree on the other side of the river for a few seconds.


And then a Grey Heron flew in and strutted about for a while but didn’t seem to be finding anything to eat.


In the nature reserve are a couple of bird feeding stations so the smaller birds had food to be going at. Quite a few Dunnocks were around. They weren’t too worried about sharing the food on the floor with the Rats.

Ringed Robin

The Robins tended to keep themselves further away but still posed for a photo. This one has been ringed.

As usual you can click on the photos to view them in their album on flickr but there are no extra ones to view.

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