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On Saturday I went for a walk with my camera from Jenny Lane car park down to Gill Beck. And then across to the top North West corner of Baildon Moor before walking over the golf course back to Jenny Lane. I had been going to combine the walk from Sunday in this posting but there are too many photos.

Willow Warbler

Soon after walking down by Moorside Equestrian Centre this Willow Warbler was seen and heard signing away.

Pig with long eye lashes

And who knew that pigs had such prominent eye lashes?

Long Tailed Tit

This Longtailed Tit, spotted on the edge of the fields going down from Moorside Equestrian Centre, has what looks like cobwebs in its beak. I expect it is keeping its nest in good repair. They make their nests from lichen, feathers, spider egg cocoons and moss,

Grey Heron

Once down into the woods by Gill Beck I managed to spot this Grey Heron, which is unusual. Normally in such places the first I see of them is as they fly away.

Green Long-horn (Adela reaumurella)

At the same place I also spotted this little creature on a blade of grass. I had to use iSpot to get an ID of it. iSpot is a great site to use if you have exhausted other methods of identifying things.

Bluebells :)

I must admit to finding the moss and lichen growing on the rocks and trees to be as impressive as the carpet of bluebells.

Wild GarlicBut this carpet of Wild Garlic is very impressive.

Ladys Smock

Once out of the woods and onto Baildon Moor near Low Springs there were lots of areas of Lady’s Smock around.

Willow WarblerFurther into Baildon Moor near the path to the Scout Camp on Sconce Lane this Willow Warbler was flitting about…

Willow Warbler

and signing loudly. This one had a little more enthusiasm than they often do. Often they sign along and then seem to lose interest and finish with a “…. duh uh”

Mistle Thrush

Once along Sconce Lane past Ash House Farm there were a few Mistle Thrush around. This on collecting a few tasty pieces from the grass and flying over the lane into the bushed to presumably feed some young.

Mistle ThrushThis one was keeping its eye on me.


I walked past Little London hearing and seeing several Lapwing and Curlew but they were in the distance so no photos here. But after turning left and heading towards Birch Close Farm this male Chaffinch stayed around long enough for me to take its photo. There were also plenty of Goldfinch flitting between the trees and Swallow skimming about.

Male PheasantsHeading back out onto Baildon Moor before crossing the horse track I had the chance to see several Pheasant reasonably close. There were lots of them about with the males calling and flapping their wings. I was a little surprised to see males quite close to each other.

Fighting PheasantsThis shows the danger of letting males get too close. The interloper in the middle is trying to cover the female and the male on the right is not happy. From what I have seen of birds mating that might be all that was needed.

Fighting PheasantsThe chase is on.

Fighting Pheasants“I’ll rip your head off if you let me catch you.”

Fighting Pheasants“Ok! I’ll pull some tail feathers out if you stop bouncing around.”

Fighting PheasantsThat expression on the face of the interloper is priceless.

“What’s all the fuss? All I did was fertilise the eggs you thought were going to be yours. Chill!”

Fighting Pheasants

Fighting Pheasants“Ok. I’m off”

Fighting Pheasants“And stay away.”

Strutting Pheasant“Ha! That’s sorted him out…” but I’m stretching the story a bit there. This is a different pheasant. But he looks as though he is strutting his stuff. I don’t think he would let the interloper in.

Little Owl

And just over the next wall from all the fuss was this little owl.

Little Owl

It’s a little easier to spot than they often are. The stones of the wall are a bit green. Often they are lighter and browner so the little owl just looks like another stone.


I then got onto the top left corner of the golf course through the gate by the horse track. The fields in the centre of the track and the meadows over to the west of the golf course are a great place to see lapwing

LapwingI managed to keep low behind the wall and then slowly stand up behind some posts to get this shot of a lapwing.

Lapwing Dive bombing a Pheasant

This pheasant was trying to mind its own business as it crossed the field only to be dive bombed by a lapwing. Obviously it was getting too close to a nest. This is one reason why people should stick to the paths during nesting season.

LapwingOver by the 11th green several Lapwing appeared to be circling me. Keeping an eye on me and no doubt in their way saying “Come over this way, please.”

SnipeThe rough field to the West of Glovershaw Beck has a few fence posts in it where, in the past, I have seen Snipe perched. Today I couldn’t see any and was heading East when I heard the “chip, chip, chip, thrum” of its call and diving wing drumming. This is a very poor shot of one but simply to get it in the viewfinder is rewarding enough.

QuadcopterAnd this is a reminder that powered craft are not allowed on Baildon Moor. I’ll add the rider “.. without permission” but I don’t know who that permission might be granted to, or why, or whether it is legal to grant it.

Quadcopter pilot

Perhaps he had permission but I was too far away to ask.

Roosting Pigeons

I was quite surprised by the noise this roost of pigeons was making. It’s not too far away from Moorside Equestrian Centre.

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