Shipley Butterfly morning of 3 July 2018

We have had some really hot weather recently and as a result butterflies are able to be very active. Going out in the midday sun to take photos of butterflies is not the most sensible so on Tuesday I decided to get off a bit earlier than usual. I went to Shipley Station again and let the ticket office know what I was intending to do – this time they asked me to “sign in”

Burnet Moth emerging from Pupa

In the butterfly meadow all was quiet on the moth and butterfly front but there were a few noisy Jays, Magpies and Chiffchaffs around. Several Burnet Moth pupae looked as though they had either given up or were waiting for the temperature to rise.

Burnet Moth

Just after 7:30 things started to warm up a bit and Burnet Moths started to show themselves.

Red Spider Mite

I also went over to the area between platform 5 and the carpark. Peering over the fence I saw a Small Tortoiseshell – but got a better photo of one later. I then noticed Red Spider Mites just under my chin. Lots of them were running about on the fence timbers.

I didn’t spot any Common Blue butterflies so I decided to go over to the field on the other side of platform 4. You can get to it by going under the bridge on the left of the road into the station. On the way there I spotted this graffiti. “Stop Morrisons killing rare Marbled White butterflies in Shipley”

White Tailed Bumblebee

By now the day was heating up again and things were getting busy. Like this busy White Tailed Bumblebee.

ID required.

Many of the thistle flowers were covered in tiny black shiny flower beetles. I don’t know what else to call them – anyone got an ID?

Female Meadow Brown

The field was full of Meadow Browns flitting through the grass. It’s quite surprising how they manage to work their way through what looks like a thick mat of grass.

Small Skipper

Both over in the station and here were dozens of Small Skippers.

Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus)

Ringlet butterflies were also around.

Smal Tortoiseshell

As were Small Tortoiseshell. This is the better shot I mentioned earlier.

Straw Dot (Rivula sericealis)

A few moths were also flying about. I believe this one is a Straw Dot (Rivula sericealis)

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

But the star of the show was a Marbled White. I only saw one at a time and it could have been the same one each time. Certanly no where near the numbers as the Small Skippers or Meadow Browns. Hence the graffiti I mentioned earlier I guess.

Young Chiffchaff

On the way back to the road the path goes between trees and on the edges there seemed to be several Chiffchaff flitting about, I assume parents plus fledglings. This one stopped long enough for me to get a shot of it.

The album on flickr has several more images – you can view the album here.

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