Shipley Train Station 29 June 2018

On Friday I had a walk around Shipley Train Station with my camera.

Burnet Moth

The first place to visit was the Butterfly Meadow where there were many Burnet Moths flitting about.

Small Skipper

There were also a few Small Skipper in the meadow.

Common Blue Butterfly

Between platform 5 and the carpark, following on from the line of the station building, is another small fenced off strip of land with a few plants growing in it. Here there were a number of Common Blue. As they fly about they show the blue of their upper wing but as soon as they settle they show their patterned under wing. This one has the sun shining through its wings. Several Small Skipper were also flying amongst the plants.

Small Tortoiseshell

A rather smart looking Small Tortoiseshell butterfly was also feeding on the Knapweed.

Harlequin Ladybird

I am sure there were many around but this Harlequin Ladynird was quite noticeable.

The images are on flickr and you should be able to click on any of them except the very top “feature” image to view them within the album or you can view the whole album using this link. There are several extra photos in the album.

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