Small Things in our early August Garden

From previous posts you can see that we have many Painted Ladies and other butterflies in our garden that are easy to see. But that hasn’t stopped me from looking for other smaller things that take a little more to spot.

We have Mint Moths on our Sage and, as here, on our Oregano. You can see its tongue dipping down into the tiny flowers. Tucked under the flowers are also some Mint Moth caterpillars.

The Oregano is also a favourite with other insects like these Hoverflies and Bees, as is the Toadflax.

This pair of Large Whites seemed rather stuck together tail to tail. I guess the one with the black dots on her upper wings will be off laying eggs on someone’s cabbages soon.

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  1. Amazing photos Paul. Wish I could get my hands on the 105 macro lens you used. Currently I have the Oshiro 60mm macro lens which is manual only. Not had a chance to try it out yet.

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