Snow in our garden

A couple of times this winter we have had a little bit of snow covering the ground. I therefore decided to put some food out for the ground feeding birds. I know Robins are often shown in snow and are the iconic Xmas card bird but they still need to feed. A few inches of snow for a few days can make it dificult for them. I usually have some food in suspended feeders for Green finch, Goldfinch, Blue-tit, Great-tit etc. but what were the Robins or Blackbirds going to do?

The bushes were covered so it was essential to provide food in the feeders and ground feeders would also need food. So I threw some bird food and a few nuts out onto the snow.


A lot of Blackbirds came to feed.

Including ones that looked as though they were visitors from Europe for the winter.


Dunnock also looked as though they were happy with the food on the ground.

Wood pigeon

Wood pigeon strutted about the place letting the Blackbird fight amongst themselves – spending more time chasing each other off than feeding.

Blue Tit

Blue tits and similar birds tended to stay up with the feeders but occasionally fed on the ground.


But what I seriously did not want to be feeding in the garden was this character. I know we have some dry stone walls and out buildings and trees around us but I still don’t want these in the garden. Unfortunately, if I am feeding the birds I am also going to be feeding these things.

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