Spooking Blackbirds, Tawny Owl style

On Monday evening the Blackbirds around our garden were making heck of a racket. I had also noticed them making a lot of noise the last two mornings and put that down to Magpies and Crows that I could also hear. I posted a comment on the Baildon facebook group about them being spooked which garnered a few comments, one being NEWS FLASH….“Black and white cat spooking blackbirds in Baildon” Stay indoors please.

Most of the Blackbird panic seemed to be centred on one of the large trees visible from our back garden. I watched birds fly in and out, all the time making their alarm calls.

I looked to see if there were any Magpies or Crows moving about in the tree and spotted something different that didn’t look quite right for a branch. I went in to get my camera with long lens – and there it was – staring at me. A Tawny Owl.

It soon lost interest in me. And didn’t seem the least bit interested in the Blackbirds.

Does this owl think it is The Joker? That is quite a grin it has.

I wonder if the noise from the Magpies and Crows in the mornings had been because of the owl.

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  1. That owl is gorgeous! Can’t believe you could see this from the door. Look at him, he’s had a hard night and just wants them all to please shhhhh

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